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markku's SoundClick blog - a life of a music major pt.2
We used my reel to reel tape recorder and some mediocre mics to record our rehearsals for our own scrutiny. About three weeks before we were to do our dissertation, we received a notice that our day for playing was moved up a week because the professor evaluating us wasn’t going to be available for our scheduled performance. We weren’t ready to play a complicated one hour composition quite yet and the extra week may have helped a lot to have it ready. The professor who was going to evaluate us was brutal and we needed all the time we could get.

I ended up taking time off from work to rehearse with my group and for my flute evaluation which was going to be in front of an audience. The pressure was unreal as my body was trying to tell me to knock it off or something drastic is going to happen. A combination of vodka, gin and marijuana helped calm my nerves a bit and when I got to rehearsal, everyone seemed to be a bit goofy as if they too had taken something for their nerves. All I can remember is that we sure had a great time. The next day was a blur but I was a lot calmer except for the damn headache.

The day of the final evaluation of the quintet finally got here. We were all so nervous and didn’t really know if we could get through the entire composition. We had doubt but marched in to the professor’s class, set up the chairs and our music on the stands, tuned up and then began to play. We played about eight measures when the professor yells out; “that’s enough, I don’t want to hear anymore, I’m familiar with the tune. You can all go.” We looked at each other wondering how bad we must have sounded to this guy just to listen to eight measures and then kick us out.

We began to walk out with our heads mighty low thinking that we fk’d up really bad when he says; “hold it, the reason I had you play for only eight measures was only a formality, I’ve been listening to your group practice for a few weeks now and thought that all of you had been doing a great job. I also know that your group from what I’ve heard from listening to other groups is the most proficient on these instruments. Congratulations, I’m giving your group the highest honors, well done. Now get out of here.”
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