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had a situation yesterday where both hands just locked up/froze. Couldn't move them no matter how I tried. I've never experienced so much pain even after cutting my finger with a table saw and another time with a hack saw. I've experienced locking fingers but they were usually one or two, never the entire hand, both hands and at the same time.

After a couple of minutes of shear pain, I really thought that this was the end of my manual dexterity. There's nothing worse than a musician losing the use of his/her hands, same goes for anyone else using their fingers extensively. Fortunately for me, after about five minutes my hands and fingers gradually began to unlock. I could feel the pain still and the stiffness for several hours. As I'm writing this, one finger in each hand instead of all fingers like I learned years ago using the old type writer.

Most of my friends have some sort of arthritis but are still able to function as a musician. As for me, time, I feel is running short and as I experience things worsening, perhaps my playing days will end soon. However, while I can and able you're damn straight I'm going to keep at it one way or another until the time of dexterity will come to an end.
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