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Operation Baghdad Pups (God Bless them)

We can make a difference.

It's called the "Court of Pubic Opinion" and they will listen...

Spread the word!


ISSUE 1: Ratchet is not allowed to leave.Since officers are refusing to let Ratchet go, he needs a military order to officially release him to leave Iraq.

ISSUE 2: Baghdad Pups needs donations to sponsor their upcoming trip to Iraq. Ratchet was scheduled to leave on their October 6th flight. Their next flight is early next week, and Ratchet must be on it. Gwen will be shipping out later this month and Ratchet will have to be abandoned if he doesn't leave before her.


Stephanie from Baghdad Pups told Katie (Gwen's friend) several ways that people can help save Ratchet.

First, contact Minnesota senators and representatives (even if you're not from here).

Here are some details:

Ratchet is at Camp Striker in Iraq
15 other dogs were allowed to leave with Baghdad Pups on the flight Ratchet was supposed to be on.
The base's commanding officers seized Ratchet on his way to the airport.

Ratchet has had his necessary vaccinations and is healthy.
Ratchet needs a military release because the military is refusing to let him leave Iraq.

Calling is best because Senators and Representatives get thousands of emails. However, click here for a sample email if you prefer that.

Here is the Contact information for the MN Senators and Gwen's Representative:

Senator Amy Klobuchar:
(888) 224-9043 -or- (612) 727-5220

Senator Norm Coleman:
(800) 642-6041 -or- (651) 645-0323

Representative Keith Ellison,
(West Twin Cities, Minneapolis)
(202) 225-4755

Second, donate to Baghdad Pups! When Ratchet is released, Baghdad Pups needs to be able to pick him up from Iraq. Since Sgt Beberg will be transferred at the end of the month, Ratchet must be on Baghdad Pups next trip.

Donate: Help Ratchet get another plane ticket.

By donating to them, you will not only help Ratchet get home, but you will also help other soldiers save their dogs and cats.

As Gwen told Katie, "The [Baghdad Pups] program manager has made it pretty clear in her emails to those with animals that if some immediate funding doesn't roll in, they may not be able to rescue all 70some animals on the schedule for this fall. That would be terribly sad."

Please help Baghdad Pups help Gwen and other soldiers. Donate Now.

Third, pass this story along.

Tell your friends and let them know how they can help. The more people working to help Ratchet, the better.

If you haven't already, Sign the petition to demand release of Ratchet.

Thank you to everyone for their support and help getting attention for Ratchet. Let's keep this amazing story going. If you want to get in contact with SPCA International and Operation's Baghdad Pups on Ratchet's behalf, they have set-up a special email address for him.

Send your emails to

~ Thanks Katie for the update!!!!

Thanks from Terrie & Rachel Scott of M.A.R.S. Safe Haven
A division of M.A.R.S. Productions

We have been working around the clock since we learned of this. We want a happy ending to this story and won't rest till we get one!

And, to EVERYONE that has spent so much time posting, emailing, calling, blogging and signing petitions in a combined effort to bring Ratchet safely home with Gwen. THANK YOU all so very much!!!!

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