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MUFA Review
Reviewer: Gary Frederick Edwards
Music United For Animals is a collection of music that focuses on the plight of animals in the modern world, and one can only hope that this pioneering work inspires other artists to take up the theme. Meanwhile, the voiceless victims of human cruelty could not have wished for a more effective advocate than Maria Daines, accompanied by musician/producer Paul Killington. The language of poetics speaks of the "pathetic fallacy": the ascription of human qualities to inanimate nature. A far more significant--and deeply tragic--fallacy is the failure to ascribe human qualities to creatures in the animal kingdom. Maria Daines offers a powerful antidote, assuming the person of abused, exploited animals and singing their desperation and pain with a depth of authentic emotion that can't fail to touch any but the most calcified spirit. Maria communicates her profound sympathy for the very real and deeply feeling awareness of animals with undeniable, irresistible conviction. And those who share Maria and Paul's concern for animals will be able to identify with the emotional range of the album; for, while some songs, like "I Am The Owner of This Coat," are poignant laments, others explode in angry outrage at the crimes perpetrated against helpless animals by human beings. If you feel anger at the greedy exploitation of puppy mills, at the slaughter of wild horses and whales for profit, at the vicious obscenity of the fur industry, you'll hear your own feelings pouring out in the remarkably powerful voice of Maria Daines and the passionate guitar work of Paul Killington. Maria's voice is a rare instrument, a haunting sound that cuts deep and true, combining exquisite beauty with raw emotion. Hers is a very special talent and one you will be thrilled to have discovered once you make her acquaintance. There are many ancient fables of champions sent by Heaven to fight for the oppressed. Thankfully, such fables sometimes describe a present reality. I'm very, very glad and grateful that Heaven has sent Maria Daines to fight for voiceless animals with a flaming sword of a voice that might cleave through even the ugly armor of human cynicism. If you want an album of richly satisfying music coupled with a message that's moving, meaningful and long overdue, you will love this record. The first song alone is worth more--much more--than the price of the entire outstanding collection. You can't go wrong.
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wonderful review!

" fight for voiceless animals with a flaming sword of a voice that might cleave through even the ugly armor of human cynicism."

he is so on the money. keep fighting the good fight!

:: posted by softsong on Sun Mar 18, 2007 @ 12:05 AM   
Dear softsong, thanks so much for your wonderful supportive message, yes that was some line he wrote there, never had a review like it & it helps us to keep going for the animals, all our best to you smile :)

Love from M&P xx
:: posted by maria daines on Thu Jun 21, 2007 @ 02:51 AM   
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