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maria daines
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maria daines's SoundClick blog - An updated biog
An updated biog
I'm a songwriter & band frontwoman so I guess that makes me a 'sing'writer! I write the lyrics & melodies for our music & Paul Killington, a great guitarist & arranger produces our work & plays all the instruments at the recording stage. When playing live we're joined by our long time bass player Bob Bampton & drummer Dave Whitley. As a 4 piece we play rock n' blues & this gives us a chance to let rip with our heavier tracks, for venues wanting to book us we're not quiet so background music is out. As for songwriting we create in all styles & genres, just whatever takes us on the journey & gets the emotion out. I also write poetry & spoken word monologues/comedy which Paul sometimes sets to music, several written pieces have been published in anthologies & I'd like to release a personal collection in the near future. Paul & I have also written a memoir of life on the road & we're planning to publish when I can find the time to type the story into a word file. We find the only downside to being creative is how to switch off, there's never enough hours in a day, we have boxes of demos waiting to set to tape, reams of lyrics piled high & songs already recorded need work to keep them out there & available. We're published in the UK by NorthStar Music & even with solid back up I think most indie musicians would agree it's one helluva uphill struggle. So, we keep at it & we enjoy every minute, the thing we don't enjoy is the daily battle to be 'normal', that's something we've never managed to achieve & the yearning to deposit ourselves on a desert island with instruments & food is a regular discussion, a dream of course.

Thanks for being here. Maria xx
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