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g'day everyone!! here are some links for my other sites if you want to check them out. once again i luv you all-thanks for the support and encouragement!!! (main website) (gotta have myspace)
posted by lyricprincez on Fri Apr 13, 2007 @ 01:20 PM     1 comment    post a comment
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Your x-mas song is very cool and poppy and catchy and original idea!! Love it.
I myself am a singer/songwriter living in the L.A. area, not sure if you are even thinking about other songwriters and stuff, but I have a whole lot of songs and am now really beginning to need to record a bunch of them. My voice has a mixed, varied style, but mostly I hope, a style of my own...maybe you'll check me out. The one video I have here on my profile happens to be a country/folk rock tune, somewhat melancholy. But I have many happy and warm loving poppy catchy songs as well. If you like my voice, go to my Youtube and check " Sweet Summertime" That is very hooky and pop and I love to record it. And so Is "I love You, I'm Insane", Big Boom, Big Bang" ..
I am not a real guitarplayer, it will show, haha, but I just play to write, and it serves just that purpose, and I love singing. Love, peace and music, Lony
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