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Hi friends, hope all is going well for each of you! May God bless you and keep you in His peace.
I'm doing well, sorry for the long delay in writing, I was in L.A. again for 10 days. A friend in the family passed away. I am at complete peace for him.
God has been good to me, I'm getting stronger in my faith. Everyday God is showing me things. God is so good!!! His love is so abundant!! There is nothing that can stop God from loving us. If your not feeling loved, just ask God and He will send you His Spirit. God loves YOU! Never foget it!If you are ever in doubt, just remember what Jesus did on the cross for you and me. He didn't die for perfect people, He died so that we can become perfect through Him, living in His righteousness. We are saved by God's grace, not by works, by His great love and mercy.
One of the things that God is showing me lately is that in this world there is a lot of drama. OPD, other people's dramas. There are people who thrive on drama. If they are not yelling or fighting they don't feel that they are living. I say, if we can't speak with love in our voices, what are we? A noisy instrument. I've been really tested lately. sometimes I fall into the game. So now that I see what's going on through other people, I'm making a choice not to engage in such conversations. I want to love, and put love in action. Not yell and make a scene and belittle one another. I'm tired of that life, I want more of God! Life is to short to waste fighting,complaining, grumbling, hurting, etc. It can be very draining, sucks the energy right out of you. So now, I'm being tempted more and more, by more of OPD. So I have found the antidote in dealing with it. We must pray for one another. As you pray in faith and believe God, He will give you His peace to help the other person or yourself. We must resist fighting, engaging into the drama, stay at peace in God's truth. ILast week I had a dream of tidal waves. Little ones, big ones and a huge one! In the dream I was very calm in seeing all the waves coming my way, especially the huge wave that was 500ft., Normally I run in my dreams from waves but this time I was at complete peace. I was told in the dream to to go through and dive under the wave and so I obeyed, and all turned out good. I trusted God. God is in control over everything, and He will speak to our spirits and guide us to where we need to be in times of chaos or whatever is challenging us, even with OPD's.. It's learning to trust in God, in His voice. As you read the Bible more and more, you will learn to hear His voice. Jesus said that we must apply the teachings and when we do that it will be a good thing. If you hear anyone who has a problem, pray for them immediately, don't wait. Satan and his demons are out to devour, kill, steal and destroy whomever it can find and whoever is willing and weak in their faith. This is going on 24/7. Satan will strike you where you are the weakest. The good thing about our weaknesses is that we can call on God to help us. Once your realize you have a weakness in a certain area, we can call on God to help us to overcome our weaknesses and have victory over them. Sometimes I have taken my weaknesses for granted, or I didn't even know I had a weakness in certain areas, and once I was able to see it for what it is. I can ask God to cast the things that are bad f out of my heart. The more you learn of Jesus, the more you are learning what it means to be washed in His blood. He cleanses us from all sins, everyday we become a little more brighter. That is a good thought.

God bless you and much love to you and your family, shalom, Lory
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You are truly blessed with the Lords Spirit and I thank you for all the
inspirational uplifting messages that you continually share.Although I
have noticed your comments over the years, I never grasped the sincerity of your words until I finally took the time to actually read and comprehend that you are indeed a messanger from our Lord !God Bless, Terry
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