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artist:    James Speedy play hi-fi Comedy
title:    Hey There Vagina Parody
  Derivate work of 'Hey There Delilah' by Plain White Tees. Video available at: , or search 'Hammy' on iTunes!!
  user rating:4.57      
artist:    Erin Gannon Simms play hi-fi Pop
title:    For the Girls! Pop Rock
  VERY tongue-in-cheek song written for the ladies. Produced by DP Productions.
  user rating:5      
artist:    Sammi Morelli play hi-fi Pop
title:    PUMP Pop Rock
  super cool synths and a rockity rockin' melody.
  user rating:4.2      
artist:    Three Faces play hi-fi buy this mp3 for 0.99 USD Pop
title:    Make me beautiful Euro Pop
  Pop/dance song with beautiful melody and uplifting chorus.
  user rating:4.66      
artist:    KARIGAN play hi-fi buy this mp3 for 0.99 USD Pop
title:    Black As The Rose Pop Rock
  user rating: not yet rated      
artist:    October Nites play hi-fi Pop
title:    Lust At First Sight Pop Rock
  Those lips fit best against mine...
  user rating: not yet rated      
artist:    Mamajuana play hi-fi buy this mp3 for 0.99 USD Latin
title:    Tomando Mamajuana General Latin
  Mamajuana smash hit!
  user rating: not yet rated      
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