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ladeana michelle's SoundClick blog - JERMAINE JACKSON: New TV Music Talent Show 4 Unsigned, Indie Artists!
JERMAINE JACKSON: New TV Music Talent Show 4 Unsigned, Indie Artists!

HUGE Opportunity for everyone here on SoundClick!!!

This is a national/international television show!!! The show is looking for the HOTTEST talent, the world will see you and best of all, you perform your OWN music--no cover songs!!!!

Jermaine Jackson (Jackson 5) and veteran music producer/composer Chuck Cymone have announced the forthcoming TV talent show, Chuck Cymone’s Do What U Do, as the world’s largest performance platform for unsigned, independent recording artists.

The show will feature celebrity co-guest hosts and independent recording artists domestically and internationally. No cover songs are allowed on the show. There are no judges, coaches, or underlying pressures for artists to compete.

Submitting talent on the show can be male or female soloists, duos, groups or bands in all age ranges that offer original music in all genres: Pop, R&B, Rock, Latin, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Blues, Reggae, High Energy, Jazz, Soul, House, Country, Gospel and many more.



SUBMIT and GOOD LUCK!!!! First Season Submission Deadline is September 28th, 2015!!!

- LaDeana Michelle....and yes, it's me...August 2015smile :)))
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2/14/12 From Soul Connect/ELM:

"LaDeana Michelle Shakes up Valentine's Day with HOT New Single, Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston"

"We can confirm that the lovely cocoa goddess with the songbird voice, Pop/R&B/Soul mega-talent and business mogul LaDeana Michelle has released an exclusive single today, on Valentine's Day, to pay tribute to the spirit of love and remembrance for late legend, Whitney Houston."

“I actually got the news before it hit most main media sources. I was crushed.” LaDeana Michelle admitted yesterday. “I grew up singing Whitney and attended her very first performance ever. She was unforgettable then. Whitney grew up knowing God, but fell and just couldn’t seem to…get up. I can only pray she made things right with Him before the end. Today's release wasn’t in my original plans, but I am really hurting over this. Time constraints prevent me from producing what I really want to sing this moment, but right now, I feel like I need to give something. At least it’s a song about love. Love is what Whitney sang about.”

LaDeana Michelle's favorite Whitney song to showcase--even today--is "I Will Always Love You".

“Not Over U” is LaDeana Michelle’s first 2012 release as part of her annual “Love Quarter” campaign (January 1st-March 31st) set to run every first quarter for the next eight years. The campaign, which encompasses her notable slogan, “Changing Lives One Day at a Time”, promotes love, social awareness, unity and change through music and visual arts. Written, produced, arranged and composed by the multi-faceted artist, “Not Over U” has been praised by early listeners and critics as “deep” and reminiscent of the most memorable love songs of her legendary predecessor Prince, who, like LaDeana Michelle, writes, arranges and self-produces his releases.

“Not Over U” can be downloaded today at or through, exclusively, today, February 14th, 2012. Online distributors such as iTunes, Amazon and other worldwide radio sources will premier the single later this month.

- Pharrell
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FIRST LISTEN: LaDeana Michelle's
UH-OH. Probably in the doghouse here on Soundclick.

I've been gone for WAY too long...but I've got good reason! Would writing a book series and working on films qualify as a good excuse? Gosh, I certainly hope so...because that's where I've been! We are putting together one of the largest deals EVER!!! I'll need your prayers...thank you!

NO. I'm not sick (thank GOD) or caught up in any other nonsense. In fact, I just had my annual health exam and all was 100% GREAT.

I didn't forget you!! Got a HOT new song for you that impacts this Valentine's Day entitled, "NOT OVER YOU". Preview it right here on Soundclick! It's up right now!! Then....

****DOWNLOAD on 2.14.12 exclusively through ITunes and everywhere else gets it after that....but YOU will be first!! Mark your calendars!!

****Let me know what you think, too!!

LOTS GOIN' ON!!!! I will be in touch!! As always, check the news you will see posted on my Soundclick sites.

Let me know what u think of NOT OVER U!!! Early critics are raving (it reminds them of classic Prince when he used to throw down on those love songs) but I want to know what YOU think!!

Much love 2 u!!
LaDeana Michelle
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R.I.P. WHITNEY HOUSTON: One of My Greatest Inspirations
Whitney Houston. Oh, man. I attended her very first performance. Ever. I still remember how her untainted smile lit up the room. Her eyes were bright, her vocal chords were strong and her youthful innocence was appreciated.

I think I probably own every song she's ever done and I have sung each in a performance SOMEWHERE at some point in time. Speaking of time....I remember performing Whitney's "One Moment In Time" for the legendary Humanitarian (another of my mentors) Mother Wright, before SHE passed.

Wow. The news of legendary talent Whitney Houston, pronounced dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, at 4pm today, only 48 years old, on Grammy weekend (no less) is VERY hard to accept. We know that she's had drug and alcohol problems for years--even going back to rehab--but the actual cause of death is still unknown and the investigation is ongoing. Medics performed CPR for 20 minutes...but it was Whitney's time to depart.

This is SO sad. We just went through this with Michael Jackson, didn't we? Etta James. Don Cornelius and more.

Unfortunately, it doesn't end, folks.

Today, we not only lost another legend, but our sister, mentor, inspiration and someone who paved the way so entertainers like myself, everywhere, could have phenomenal songs to perform.

Whitney Houston will be missed!!

Life is short, friends. Live each day not as a promise, but a gift. Everyone has a time clock. Before we punch out, let us get our lives RIGHT. Not now, but RIGHT NOW. I could go into details, but.....

You know EXACTLY what I mean.

Much love,
LaDeana Michelle

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HEAR IT FIRST: LaDeana Michelle's NEW Summer Single Avail NOW!!
Hey, my Soundclick friends!! Traveling like a BANDIT! Helping so many people in so little time!! Gonna try to answer as many of your friend requests & shout-outs as possible in the next few days. Missed u!! Thanks 4 all the well-wishes. YES, I have gone public with my full Vegan lifestyle and I am LOVING IT!!! We will get to that in a bit.....

Right now, letting u know that my brand new summer dance single, "Like It's Your Birthday" is AVAILABLE NOW @ BEFORE it drops on CD baby, iTunes and radio worldwide. Want it now? Get there!

U can preview the track here on Soundclick, or go to LOTS GOIN' ON!!!! I will be in touch!! For now, stay in touch with the news you will see posted on my Soundclick sites. Should be updated later today.

Let me know what u think of LIKE IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! Critics are raving!! See u all soon!! Much love 2 u!!
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I gotcha back, my SoundClick friends. The previews are gone and the full songs are up from my new release, GLAZE!! If u haven't listened, GET THERE. Please comment and rate, holla if u like em', yadadada and I will love u forever. Lol.

I have already begun tackling the task of personally answering each and every friend request. I am workin' it out, u hear me? I appreciate each and every one of u 4 all the love.

I have also been listening to various tracks on many of your pages, as I am answering requests, as the film and TV projects are still coming down the pike. If I loved u...u are in my mind. There were some pretty hot tracks that jumped out at me.

Lots more good news 2 come!! There is SO much going on, yet so little time to spell it out. Stay tuned for that Myspace release comin' up. I will be announcing lots of stuff there. I know, I official Myspace yet? NO I DON'T and this was done purposely.

That's me, though. U know I do stuff differently. Lol.

Much love & back at ya soon,
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Okay, so here goes….

(Copy and paste all links below in your browser to check stuff out)

***My brand new release GLAZE drops Monday, February 14th (Valentine’s Day) beginning at 6am at major online retailers everywhere. Between u & I…just hit up late Sunday night/early Monday a.m. & it’ll be on for u. Critics & deejays around the country have given it rave reviews!! Regular radio rotation & mass promotions begin Monday.

If u are a deejay, then the “Deejay” song from Glaze is dedicated to u. U need to hear it NOW!! It’s YOUR song!! Contact me ASAP.

***I will be uploading the previews 2 Glaze right here on SoundClick, but if ya’ can’t wait, go 2 the link after this paragraph. It’s a first-look review from one of our early listeners. Read, then immediately preview the songs @ the bottom of the page:

***I am featured on T.U.M.S. right now w/Avant, Will Downing, Bobby Brown, Fantasia, Charlie Wilson, El Debarge & more & will be doing another major magazine story/spread soon.

***May be gettin’ somethin’ up w/Santana. I’ll keep u posted on that one.

***Good news 4 music submitters. Just because someone hasn’t contacted u does NOT mean u weren’t picked. We have a major deal being negotiated 4 this. Once it’s done, my team will go through EVERYTHING fresh. U are still in the game, baby!! Thx 4 your patience!!

More news 2 come on my NEWS page….but gimme a minute. Lol.

Much love 2 u all!!
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Hello, my SoundClick friends. I missed u!! Yes. I am OK! I U all are so sweet!! Wow. Thank each & every one of u 4 your concern. However, I wasn't sick, I was tied up in negotiations, traveling, recording, producing & sealing new business deals. I also support youth sports & other humanitarian efforts. Folks of the world have ISSUES & need help. They NEED Jesus, but that’s another show. Lol. I have always been a businesswoman FIRST; musician 2nd.

I sincerely apologize 4 losing contact here on SoundClick 4 so long. I’m not just saying that. I really mean it. I promise u…I will spend as long as it takes answering each & every one of your friend requests & messages.

Still love me?

I would not ever just ignore u. U are indeed important to me. K? Awiiight? Come on, now. Cut me a break, will ya? Ride with your girl. I will be hittin’ u up, but uhmm…I have A LOT of y’all 2 hit up. There’s months of backup. I know that’s my fault..but now I KNOW u don’t want me 2 get carpal tunnel all in my wrists & hands & stuff tryin’ 2 holla back in one night, do ya?

Then, I’ll REALLY be missing. Lol.

In the meantime, sweeties…check out my NEXT post for all the latest!!

Much love 2 u all!! I’m baaaaaack!!!! Muahhhhh!

LaDeana Michelle

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LaDeana Michelle Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr!
Join LaDeana Michelle in Celebrating the Life and Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.! Watch “Believe” Now!

Visit LaDeana Michelle's Soundclick Page to watch, or:

Paste this URL into your browser:

This month, LaDeana Michelle celebrates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King with her smash video, “Believe”. The song is powerful! Through this amazing video, viewers will vividly remember Dr. King as the prominent human rights icon, civil rights activist and exceptional leader that he was.

Watch. Reflect. Admire.

In addition to honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., "Believe" bleeds hope and yields encouragement for people to never give up on their dreams, despite current worldwide turmoil. The song offers a combination of heartfelt vocals, deep lyrics and a strong rhythmic undercurrent of R&B, Pop, Adult Contemporary and Soul.

******For lyrics to “Believe”, please visit LaDeana Michelle’s Official Fan Site:

******For more information, news, photos, Exclusive E-Club and more, visit her official Artist Website:

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I've Got Upcoming Films and TV Shows - Got Music?
Hey, Soundclick Fam! In case u didn't see my Forum Post under "Soundclick Stations", here is the info:

I /we (both applies) am "scouting" for music right now, in preparation for upcoming films, a TV show we will be helping to get back on the map and several new ones to come.

1) YES. These are major projects. NO. I am not a talent scout, agent or otherwise. NO. I am not doing this for someone else. YES. I will be directly involved with/responsible for these projects. NO. I cannot disclose information on any of the films or TV shows at this time. They will be made public at their scheduled times. NO. This is not a service. NO. We don't want submission fees. YES. We just want GOOD music! Your music gets on our projects, U are paid and credited--same as the bands on the Twilight soundtrack. U with me, now? Let's just worry about getting u involved, shall we?

2) Post your best music! Here is what I am looking 4 at the moment (and this will vary later): R&B, Pop, Soul, Reggae, Alternative Rock, Rap/Hip-Hop, House, Techno-Disco. Songs can be slow, fast or medium--just give me GOOD stuff! WOW me!

If your music falls OUTSIDE of these categories, not to worry. I will let u know when other categories come into play...and they WILL. We will be launching many things and I will keep u posted.

3) Please do not expect an overnight turnaround on this. We are not in dire straits; what we are is on schedule. Without a doubt, if u submit, u will be heard. If u r chosen, I will be placing potential artists on new Soundclick stations. This is for me, so I will remember who to come back to for a particular project. If u find yourself on one of my new stations, there are two choices why:

A1) We loved the particular song

A2) We loved the particular song AND we will give u an opportunity to submit more.

Either way, potential artists will be contacted personally. If u are not chosen, it is nothing personal this time around. Submit again. Our projects are ongoing.

4) Why am I here, instead of doing the usual Hollywood "music call"? thing? I just don't wanna. I never follow the norm and I can't stand doing what everyone else does. I don't want a stampede right now; just orderly traffic. I don't want the usual--I want to give new people the chance to ride this journey with us. That's just how I am; hopefully u will get 2 find out. Casting for actors, is an entirely different story. However, I will still be featuring new acting talent, so pay attention to my blogs from time-to-time.

For now, let's just get started on your music submissions and please....make it GOOD. REPRESENT!!

U are welcome to contact me w/questions, here on Soundclick. I am very busy, but I will do my best 2 get back 2 u as soon as I can.

Much love2 u,
LaDeana Michelle
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Hello, friends. As you know, the people of Haiti were already suffering & impoverished before they suffered their worst earthquake in 200 years. They desperately need our help!! Please visit this website below, posted by Twitter investor, Chris Sacca, 2 find out how YOU can get involved. (Copy and paste in your browser)

On behalf of the American Red Cross, you can text "HAITI" to the short-code 90999. It'll automatically donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts & charge your cell phone bill. Or...

Haitian immigrant Wyclef Jean, operates an education-focused Haitian activist group called Yele Haiti & has encouraged people to text "YELE" to the short-code 501501 to automatically donate $5.

Here is a partial list of LEGITIMATE sources to help Haiti, updated by Zennie62:

American Red Cross (Reportedly has contributed $200,000 to Haiti relief.)

AmeriCares Help For Haiti. Goes to their International Disaster Relief Fund.

Chuck Simmins blog - - of coverage of the Haiti Earthquake Disaster and where to donate, including any organizations that may not be listed here.

Doctors without Boarders - not a Haiti Specific page as of this writing.

HaitiArise - HaitiArise has provided education and relief for the past six years. It's a registered Canadian charity and reports that 100 percent of donated funds go directly to Haiti.

Haiti Emergency Relief Fund - by Vanguard Public Foundation in San Francisco. Established for Haiti before the Earthquake.

Mercy Corps - Mercy Corps' website is devoted to the Haiti Earthquake Disaster; they're deploying a team bound for Haiti now.

Partners In Heath - You can use the drop-down menu to specify donations to Haiti.

UNICEF - UNICEF has set up a special page for donations for the children of Haiti. In an email, UNICEF's Alissa Pinck reports: "UNICEF's country office in Haiti and the regional office located in Panama is on the ground and have already deployed emergency teams to assess the situation and determine what the additional emergency needs are for the people of Haiti."

Many of us are working to get money, clothing, toiletries and other aid to Haiti. Please do your part. You would want the help if it were you and YOUR family members.

Much love to you all,
LaDeana Michelle
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Hey, all!

May all of u have a prosperous, blessed New Year for 2010!! Well, friends….my Official Facebook has been released. Look me up so we can join up there, too!

Paste my Facebook page address in your browser:

***I am hosting an Exclusive Facebook Promotion that begins New Year’s Day and ends January 11th.

Go to my “Long Night Giveaway” tab for details. Good luck…hope u win!

Also, til' I figure out why I can't download it onto Soundclick, paste this YouTube address in your browser to check out the latest video for my release, "Long Night":

Let me know what u think...and again….good luck!

Much love and Happy New Year!!!
LaDeana Michelle
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HAPPY HOLIDAYS....From LaDeana Michelle!
Hello, my Soundclick fam! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to u!!

Hope u won that lunch with Ne-Yo!

Things are going 2 get interesting in just a little bit. Got a lot 4 u coming up real soon.

Stay tuned....but in the blessed!

Much love 2 u and yours this holiday season,
LaDeana Michelle
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LaDeana Michelle: Bid For YOUR LUNCH With NE-YO!!
LaDeana Michelle, the highly-anticipated, forthcoming Pop/R&B/Soul singer, songwriter, producer, business mogul and more, wants YOU to participate and support a YOUTH organization she also supports--and to help spread the word!

Compound Entertainment is proud to present its 1st Annual Holiday Fund Raising Program.

This year's recipients are The Reseda Cowboys Football team, which has affectionately been dubbed: "The Reseda Compound Cowboys". The Reseda Cowboys are a non-profit football/cheer club in the Valley Youth Conference (located in Reseda California). The Organization strives to develop, evaluate, and disseminate programs that foster children's ethical, social, and intellectual development. While nurturing children's capacity to think skillfully and critically, they also strive to deepen their commitment to values such as personal responsibility, perseverance, teamwork, and respect for others.

Compound Entertainment will be auctioning a 10-seat luncheon on December 30th, 2009 in Los Angeles with Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award-Winning recording artist NE-YO, in support of The Reseda Cowboys team and their ongoing cause to educate youth and promote teamwork and fair play.


Two seats will be auctioned (per day) starting today, Monday 12/21 and Ending on Christmas 12/25/09.

******Get yours now and/or spread the word today!!*******

To bid, go directly to the website:
(Paste into your browser)


***LaDeana Michelle is not just a heavy-hitter in the talent department, but she is also an avid supporter of youth sports, and is working to launch foundation-based social programs dedicated to cultivate low-income youth, the elderly and starving children worldwide.

For more information on LaDeana Michelle, visit

- Ferran B.
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LaDeana Michelle's
Hey my friends!!! I've missed u all!! Traveling as I type. Been editing, mixing, writing, singing--sealing business deals--u name it. There is SO much going on that I can show u better than I can tell u.

So let's start with this.

What I am about 2 share with u is NEW. I mean...CD Baby, which was my first retailer, hasn't even put it live yet. Yes. We are talking about my new release, "Bringing Love Back". First song on it is "Long Night"...and I've brought it here to YOU first!

****You can hear it on my artist page!!! Please help me promote it!! Add it to your stations, tell everyone u know. People are RAVING about this song right now, just from the early previews. Rate it and help it climb the charts. I would truly appreciate that!!!

ALSO...if you want WAY more info on this, then U need 2 visit me on

So much more 2 come, my Soundclick fam!!!

Much love 2 u!!! See u soon!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
LaDeana Michelle
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LaDeana Michelle's HOT NEW MOVIE GALLERIES - Check Them Out!
Hey, all! Going 2 the movies soon?

If u are a movie lover (like I am), be sure 2 stop by my site, click "View My Photos" & visit all of my HOT NEW MOVIE galleries! U will find new, upcoming releases (with official release dates if dates have been set) from August 2009 to 2011.

In fact, the 2011 gallery will be posted soon!

Please studios DO change release dates and titles ESPECIALLY when films are in development, so expect regular gallery changes! Also, I will be adding/deleting new/old stuff all the time. Keep it locked!

Many of u are asking, so here goes: I LOVE movies. YES, I am working on several feature films and upcoming books. U will hear everywhere when casting/production starts! My full album is coming too! YES, I am an actress, but I also love the writing/producing & business sides 2 films, as well. More on all of that later. Right now...check out the galleries! There are some BLAZING HOT films coming!!

Much love!! LDM
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LaDeana Michelle's
My Soundclick fam...did u see my Michael Jackson ultimate tribute on YouTube yet? If you didn't, check it out with this URL (copy & paste it in your browser):

Please watch in HIGH QUALITY, rate it and give it some love as we remember an icon!!!

Much love,
LaDeana Michelle
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Hey, Soundclick fam!

Did ya' miss me? I've missed u! Been out of town for quite some time now working business deals, so I apologize 2 all those that have sent friend requests and I haven't answered them yet. I'm not ignoring u!! I GOT U!!! Just busy is all. I am consistently on the run now and I think I need 2 schedule a day just 2 BREATHE.

Can somebody remind me 2 put breathing on the agenda? Lol.

Please believe, I have quite a list of soon-2-be friends 2 attack, and I will--one by one--until I've reached u all. U WILL hear from me soon. I appreciate all the love and support from every one of u. Things are going well!!

If u have serious projects or things u need 2 holla at me about, HIT ME UP. I promise I won't take four months 2 holla back, Lol.

Talk soon, and...
Much Love,
LaDeana Michelle
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LaDeana Michelle's
Hey Soundclick Fam!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

"Inside Love's Window" is officially released!!!

It actually was pre-released yesterday for reviews. Guess what? It did well!! Below, are the links u can copy and paste into your browser to check at least two of them out for now.



I want to thank all of u who have been supporting me since I first arrived on Soundclick. You all have been wonderful and I appreciate u more than u know. I have a very busy schedule, but u can still always hit me up through a message here on Soundclick. I DO check them personally. NO, I don't have my staff answering for me! I refuse to be THAT automated and I think that whole thing is impersonal.

So, my full-length album is nearing completion. It is coming along beautifully---and the next time you BLINK, my OFFICIAL Myspace site will be released. There will be some pretty EXCLUSIVE stuff happening there and u will want 2 know about it! I want all of u to visit and add yourself as my friends once that happens. K?

Til' then...

Make your way to to download "Inside Love's Window"!! I would appreciate the support. You won't regret it! ENJOY!!

Much love! LDM

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LaDeana Michelle Set to Yield Double Dose of Love on Valentine's Day
Hey, Soundclick Fam! Here is my most recent press release:

HOLLYWOOD, CA, February 4, 2009---On Saturday, February 14th, forthcoming R&B/Pop/Soul sensation LaDeana Michelle will release an exclusive, digital-only love song package, entitled, “Inside Love’s Window”, a move that will further solidify her rapidly growing fan base worldwide.

LaDeana Michelle, still riding the waves from the grassroots spread of her positive-natured songs, "Keep Your Faith", created for President Barack Obama, currently gaining thousands of daily YouTube viewers as the “Official 2009 Barack Obama Inauguration Song”, and “Believe”, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Obama, was currently featured in The Urban Music Scene online magazine, a rapidly-growing publication that hosts top R&B, Gospel and Jazz, with artists Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Brian McKnight, Eric Benet, Charlie Wilson and more in tow. LaDeana Michelle’s “Believe” reportedly received the most hits ever recorded by the magazine in its history. Also notable, is her latest video installment entitled, “SEVEN”, which features seven of her self-produced songs, exposes more of her as an artist and explores widespread issues such as love/relationships, racism, the homeless, genocide, starvation and more.

“Inside Love’s Window” will include romantic ballads, “I Can’t” and “More Than Friends”, which ranked #1 in two top ten R&B and Urban charts and placed LaDeana Michelle as a top 25 artist overall on Soundclick, a music-based, social community that reports over 2.5 million songs, 325,000 bands and artists, and 3 million registered members. Both songs, written, produced, arranged and composed by the multi-faceted artist, can be downloaded on Valentine’s Day for only $3.99, through her official website,, or official fan site,

The release is a part of LaDeana Michelle’s official “Love Quarter” campaign (January 1st-March 31st) set to run every first quarter for an entire decade. The campaign promotes love, social awareness, unity and change through music and visual arts. “Inside Love’s Window” is the last installment before fans can expect her highly anticipated full-length 2009 debut album.

LaDeana Michelle will open a new blog accessible through, asking fans to share their thoughts/comments and to write reviews. Fans will also be kept abreast of her album release and will be invited to pre-join her Exclusive E-Mail Club.


Professionally active since birth and representing a musical family that include legends Sam Cooke and Eddie Kendricks (Temptations) this Oakland, California native stands on her own as a multi-octave vocalist, songwriter, producer, arranger, composer, actress, screenwriter, print model, designer, poet, author, CEO and savvy businesswoman. With a slew of worldwide releases, commercials, theatre, stage, and live performances, films, jingles and production collaborations to her name, LaDeana Michelle mirrors predecessors R. Kelly and Prince as the sole writer, producer, arranger, composer and performer of her forthcoming 2009 debut album. “There is a process to my madness.” says Michelle. “I love collaborating with others and there are many that I can’t wait to work with. However, this project had to come from me. I’ve been introduced before by others. This time, I want to introduce myself. I want the world to really know this is who I am.”

LaDeana Michelle is set to additionally yield several upcoming films, multi-million dollar development projects and foundation-based social programs dedicated to cultivate low-income youth and starving children worldwide.

For more information or interviews, contact:

Curtis Kendrick

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