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kingdavid123's SoundClick blog - The Hog -pen Experience
The Hog -pen Experience
Verse 17 of Luke chapter 15 “And when he came to himself”, this is the question that I’d like to put to you today. What will it take for me to come to myself? Many of us are standing in a hog-pen condition right now. But even in the hog-pen Jesus desires to see you back home. Jesus desires for you to make the step back to the path of righteousness, back to home. There is a voice crying in your ear even in the hog-pen. In the midst of your lowest moment Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart. His arms are open; he desires to see you back home, while the blood is yet running warm in your veins. You have an opportunity to come on back home.
The prodigal son came to himself but how many of us will come to ourselves? The grave is full of a multitude that fell to come to themselves. Will you come to yourself right now, and realize that the hog-pen is not the place to be. Rather a backslider or sinner there is a way out. Jesus said “I am the way, the trueth, and the life; no man cometh unto the father, but by me”. Think God that before the creation of the world a way out was made. His name is Jesus.
What will it take for me to come to myself? This is the only question that matters. Not how serious the situation is, for it does not exceed the grace of God. His grace is sufficient even in our weakest hour. If we draw near to him, he will draw near unto us. If we come out and sanctify ourselves he will be a father to us and we will be sons and daughters to him. If we deny ourselves and take up the cross, he has promised to give us his spirit dwelling in our hearts. By the spirit of the living God we can cry Father, Father, Abba, Abba, has sons and daughters of the living God. The family of God, a royal priesthood, brought by the precious blood of Jesus, Kings and Priests called to rule in this land, called to show forth righteousness and good works unto the father. It is by the blood of Jesus, the work of Calvary’s Cross that we have a way out.
I say unto to you, “who has believed our report? To whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed”? Can you see the way out of the hog - pen. I bring to you my testimony the hog – pen experience. After having experienced all that the world has to offer, I believed the report. As a result of believing the report; the arm of the Lord was revealed unto me. In his everlasting arms I am leaning on to this present day. I’m leaning on those arms that centuries of men and women have leaned upon, the arm of the gospel that shows the light of the world.
Will you see the revelation? Will you see the door that stands open to the way out? Will you hear the voice of the spirit of Jesus that reaches out even now? The prodigal son represents the hog – pen experience. What will it take for you to come out of the hog – pen?

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