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freestyle 2
nappy headed h** aint shyt ta me,
i am da exterminator 1,2,3,
BOOF! muthaf***a make u shyt yo draws,
4 all my bad bi***es pause APPLAUSE,

steal yo bi*** an yo man in da same day,
u aint cumin at me sideways,
f*** da same shyt its a new day,
i am da president today bi*** its my day,

go higher den da lambo doors,
its a safari EXPLORE,
f*** wit me ill go straight 2 da damn core,
ice so bright make a niggas eyes sore,

smoke yah get a hata high,
puff puff pass watch da hataz pass by,
got dese h** sweatin bullets like a drive by,
lions,tigers, h** OH MY!

f*** a n*** hittin fo free,
chew dem h** up spittem out like stale candy,
an f*** a bi*** named mandy,
get off my dick bi*** ANDY,

nigga u a trip passport time,
ill smack u in da face wit a f*** YOU sign,
dnt believe me go ask da mime,
OH middle finga sign language time.

i cum real hard cuz i f*** da world,
nigga got mad bestie f***ed his gurl,
broke bi***es make me hurl,
all u want is a nut f*** u squral,

im royalty like king tut,
dirty ass slut go take a dick in da butt,
yes ill admit dat ima mutt,
a sexy ass mutt its time ta get my pay cut,
posted by kikidaflyest on Fri Jul 15, 2011 @ 04:06 PM     post a comment
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