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kevin miller's SoundClick blog - Happy New Year from Motel 5 1/2!!!
Happy New Year from Motel 5 1/2!!!
Lots of folks wonder why we named our family bluegrass band Motel 5 1/2. Well... it's the kids' fault. We were on our way to our first open mike up in the big town of Sedro Woolley, WA, and I told Forrest and Aida to come up with a name for our band, so we could sign in. On the freeway, we drove by a Motel 6, and it sounded cool. Problem is... that name is already taken, and we don't really stack up to fancy motels like that. We're more the type to sleep in a tent or under the stars. So we downgraded to Motel 5 1/2, which is just another way of saying you have just one oar in the water -- and you're one beer short of a six pack. Motel 6 leaves a light on for you, but with our little bluegrass band, the lights are on, but nobody's home!

The newest member of the band is my wife, Sarah. She's a great mom, and suddenly plays a mean upright bass. If you listen to our latest recording, Lonesome Road Blues, you can tell her rhythm is dead on. Forrest and I bought her the bass on Craigslist... and had no idea how good she would be and how much she would contribute.

Right now we are having a blast. Stop by for a listen. We're wishing all of our folkies and bluegrass friends a new year full of joy and happiness.
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