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Way, way back when I was a restless lad of...oh lets say 14 or 15 years old...and I was just really getting into music and starting to play guitar, I really connected with the band Lynyrd Skynyrd. I was living in suburban Oklahoma City and was, as I mentioned before, restless as hell. I really didn't care for the "upper middleclass" bullshit (as I saw it at the time) and thought of suburbia as a mind numbing prison...which it kind of was. There were, however, woods near my house so before I was old enough to drive, I would take long walks along the trails, go fishing in the creeks, smoke cigarettes and imagine I was far away from where I actually was. Skynyrd provided my background music and my identity at the time. I liked all the rock music of the day (Zeppelin, Kiss, Thin Lizzy, BTO, Bowie, Queen, etc.) but I couldn't REALLY identify with a band from England or New York. The guys in Zeppelin seemed like mythical gods to me (probably reinforced by the movie "The Song Remains The Same), but Skynyrd was very easy to latch on to. I could actually see myself in that band. Also, I could (kind of) play many of their songs; Sweet Home Alabama was the first song I really learned to play on guitar.

So...fast forward to...now...

I actually live in a small town in the pine woods of East Texas. This place pretty much embodies what would have been paradise to me back in my youth. Harley riders, beer drinkers, hunters, blue jeans, beards, long hair (or shaved heads) are the norm around "these parts". And yet...of course...I've changed since my younger days.

I don't consider myself a Liberal. To me, that conjures up an Ivy League image that I just can't identify with. BUT...something has shifted in the zeitgeist since I was a lad. I simply cannot align myself with this ultra rightwing, "Christian" philosophy that is...well...becoming a requirement...especially around here. But now "they" are in power and it concerns me. I guess it shouldn't; I'm pushing 55 years old so even if they really do f*** up, I've had a pretty good run. Today I learn that they want to let churches preach politics from the podium...which I'm sure they've already been doing around here...AND retain tax exempt status. Seems like every day lately I'm confronted with something cringe worthy from the "right".

I honestly don't think they (or anyone else) can bring back the jobs we've lost. More and more jobs are automated these days. It's not just bookkeepers, bank tellers and things like that anymore (they were just the first casualties) but someday (I hear) even truck drivers will be obsolete. Fast food workers are soon to be replaced by kiosks and most people are shopping online these days so malls and stores are just closing up. Trump says he can bring back the coal jobs but from what I hear, the coal companies are gearing up for automation themselves. To the extent that they DO "fire back up" the number of jobs will be temporary once the "bots" take over.

I think that...maybe...the top 2% of the population really knows this...and they also know that there are just too many of us now. THEY can survive any uprising or war or climate catastrophe and that will help go a long way to "thin out" the unneeded population. Oh they'll need a few of us around...but not nearly as many of us as there are now. They know the future resources on this planet are going to dwindle out but if we can kill each other off...for them...well...they'll be ok.

Survival of the fittest.
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