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Jimmy Piatt
name: Jimmy
age: 54 years old
hometown: [unknown], USA
last login: 04/18/2018
marital status: Married
sexual orientation: Straight
smoker: Non smoker
drinking habit: I drink socially
socially: I'm fine being by myself
ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
body type: Average
children: Proud parent
education: College graduate
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Decisions : So ...last July I started playing some gigs on the side with a country band. At first I was really out of my element but I did pretty well I guess because they kept asking me back. Meanwhile, the Tramps weren’t booking much of anything so I had no conflict. At the beginning of 2018 the Tramps didn’t have a gig until late February and at the time of this writing, have just a handful for the year. The country band however is booking like crazy. It hasn’t been a conflict until now...I’m double booked for June 9th. So...should I play with the Tramps since I’ve been with them so long or go with the country band since they’re keeping me working?
staged: Been gigging quite a bit lately...more than I deserve probably. I have a love/hate feeling about performing I guess. I LOVE the idea of it but when "show time" comes, I feel like crawling in hole. Lately I've been trying to dress a little bit better...not crazy coustumes or anything...just some nice shoes (instead of tennis shoes), nice shirt and proper fitting pants...just so I don't look so...frumpy/dumpy.

It does kind of help get you in the mind frame to perform. It would probably help if I were in the "right" band too...doubt that will ever happen though.

I'm lucky...very lucky...to get to play anywhere with anyone so I try to keep things in perspective. But after a bad gi...
so vain: I'm...old...54 years old...so I tend to reflect on my past more than I should. The one thing that always seems to come up is: if only I didn't lose my hair. I know...vain...huh?

I started losing it in my early 20's and I was absolutely devastated. I'd always been the cool guy with the long hair; even if I wasn't as cool as I thought I was...it was the confidence factor.

Weirdly, it made me more determined to continue playing guitar though. Had I kept my hair, I might of lost interest in music, gone to college and had a "normal" life. That is certainly what my family would have had me do! But I guess since it wasn't on MY terms and I had really no one to blame...(I mean whose...
Lady Chazz (keys), me, Daddy
main album
The Tramps...Mickey, Me (Jim
main album
At Boomtown
main album
Playing at Boomtown Casino i
main album
thanx for the fan add , have a great day
:: posted by frank lee blue on Sat May 7, 2011 @ 09:56 AM     
hey jimmy,

just stoppin by to say hi and thanks for the request, been enjoying your music again lately, I like your unique style, great guitar playing bro....keep on rockin wink ;)
:: posted by strummergurl on Thu Jun 5, 2008 @ 06:06 PM     
Rick Droit
Rick Droit
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
Will Carroll
Will Carroll
Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
Bill Ely Band
Bill Ely Band
Rock - Rock General
Jody Garner
Jody Garner
Acoustic - Acoustic General
World - World General


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