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jeannie gilliam's SoundClick blog - "The Story Behind The CD Amazed"
The Story Behind the CD by Jeannie Gilliam

I am a Christian and have been since 1978. I love God with all my heart and I love my husband Russ and my 4 children. I got married really young and have been raising a family and trying to be the best wife and mother to my children that I can be. God planted a dream in my heart while I would sing and play my guitar while rocking my babies to sleep. I have had a dream for about 30 years to record a Christian worship CD to glorify GOD. I have been writing songs and singing to the Lord for many years. In June of 2008, I went to Israel on a ministry trip. While I was there God deposited something inside of me and really put it on my heart that it was time to record the CD that I had dreamed about doing.


I want to introduce my new CD called, "AMAZED.' The title of this CD tells you how I have been feeling about God and the way this new project came into being. My friend of 20 yrs. or so--Cassie McCarter had been taking a class at her church about prophecy. She was told by her teacher to listen to the voice of God and when He tells you to do something, to be obedient and say what He puts in your heart. Cassie was at work and the Holy Spirit told her to go over to a new employee named Danny and to ask him if he was in a band. The Holy Spirit kept bugging her ALL day about this. She finally went over to Danny, who was a temporary employee at Rock-it Cargo where she works in L.A. and it was his last day. She asked Danny, "Are you in a band." He said, yes, at one time he was in a band but now he was working as an assistant in a recording studio. Cassie mentioned that she had a friend named Jeannie (me) who had been interested in recording a worship CD for many years. She got his phone number and email and then thought the studio might be too far for me to travel. She sent me an email with pictures of the studio. She connected me with Dwayne Russell who Danny works with and the studio ended up being in Anaheim, Calif. very close to where I live. That was just one of the amazing things GOD did for me.....there is moreā€¦.

Dwayne Russell is a very humble man of God and he helped me tremendously to stay focused, and to work hard. He has a very soft spoken, kind way of pulling excellence out of you to complete each day of the recording we accomplished. I won't miss the words, "Do It Again." It took over a year to complete this album and Dwayne was very helpful to make suggestions and arranged most of the songs and set up other musicians to come in the studio to help make each song sound better. He is very humble and never mentioned that he used to work with very famous musicians and artists until God told him to only work with Christians. I felt very thankful that God connected me with such a talented and creative producer. His website is:

One of the most awesome musicians that came into the studio was a former Beach Boys guitarist named Philip Bardowell. Dwayne mentioned Philip was a friend of his and that he would help me out with guitar recordings for my songs for a few bucks for gas money. I have a few of his CD"s and he leads worship now at his brother's church in Yorba Linda. You can check out his website at:
He played most of the guitar parts, both acoustic and electric guitar on my songs. I played a few of the songs but since he is such a talented musician, I wanted him to play on most of them. He played the song, "Rain on me Holy Spirit" exactly the way I had imagined it to sound like. He played such amazing (there is that word again) rhythms on the guitar that sounded so professional. He could hear the song once and then record it so he has quite an ear for music and is so gifted. He also sang some background
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Oh, Jeannie... So glad that you decided to step out in obedience. There is nothing like it. I experienced a similar calling-- perhaps in the near future you will see my Bible study on a shelf in your local Christian bookstore. Regardless of the outcome, it is the obedience that grows us into His image. "Amazed" is an apropriate title-- it is truly amazing that He loves us so much that he works in such detail in our lives and shows us His will. I'm very excited for you and I can't wait to hear your songs.
:: posted by 4impersuaded on Sun Mar 28, 2010 @ 10:35 PM   
You have a very inspirational story. God Bless!
:: posted by Acoustic Grace on Fri Jul 2, 2010 @ 07:26 AM   
Beautiful testimony. I was so inspired and blessed. Thank you for sharing.
:: posted by Gentle Rain Ministries on Mon Aug 30, 2010 @ 08:49 PM   
Thanks for the kind comments on my page. I'm blessed that you were inspired by my short testimony of what God did in my life. Please pray for opportunities to share my music with others.
God bless you,
Jeannie smile :)
:: posted by jeannie gilliam on Tue Jul 24, 2012 @ 07:00 PM   
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