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jason xmcjx
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jason xmcjx's SoundClick blog - Violence and the HipHop Nation
Violence and the HipHop Nation
I have tried to write this blog several times. I have erased it, edited it. deleted it and thought about it again.
I can't call myself an MC without playing to the crowd!
The media has injected the narrative into the public conversation that states, HipHop is somehow more violent than any and everything else in American society. They use it to explain away every obvious cause of violence in our ghetto reality. They lie. The curruption in the system causes them to blame others for their obvious failures.
Poor kids have been taken advantage of. We are due our chance to grow out of the ghetto mentality. The captains of society know how to keep us off balance by feeding us cheap food and plenty of television. The truth is, the bigger the T.V. the smaller the library in your home or apartment. Check it for yourself. They advertise violence from cartoons to comedy and drama. HipHop gets the blame. I used the word "advertise" because the campaign is in full effect. There are certain guns, like the Desert Eagle, that are only used by the ALPHA characters in a show. The viewer subconciously wants to be that one, so the gun of choice is that D.E. The rapper needs to rhyme something with "SEAGULL" Well, where do you think he is going to mentally go? HuH? Yeah, It's called social engineering.
Abraham Lincoln was shot in the head in the theater. How ghetto was that? They didn't close the doors on Broadway. They called it what it was, a political assination.
Big and Pac were gunned down,political assinations? Hell no! HIPHOP WAR! Violence! Urban Terror! Feel me?
The attack on our youth is relentless. The forces of evil are all around them daily, I even wrote in my song "Pop Goes The Weasel"(shameless plug) who was responsible.
the lyric goes, "Between the forces of evil, white supremacists, big money pharmacists and some of your lyracists". It's true. The genious in the conspiracy against our youth is, they will get the parents to turn the kids over to those beasts. Don't be fooled. We have got to find a way to spend more quality time with our children teaching them the value of love. Love is the god-force in motion. There is no stronger potion or elixer for healing than love.
It seems too simple to be true; However, the simple answers are usually the best. I know, because I base my crazy life around pure love. and it works. I have my moments, but I quickly regain my balance and overcome this wicked world with the inner strength that pure love provides. Try it. When a violent thought errupts like a volcano in your brain, immagine yourself being hugged by whatever God, Goddess,or Nature you believe in. Hug them back, until you both smile. The volcano will subside. Anger is an important emotion, we need to express it, in just degrees, or we will make ourselves sick. If anger is allowed to boil over into violence, we forfiet the chance to overcome our rival with justice. We don't win.
Fight, if you must. Fight, to defend yourself and your family. Fight, for your health and your future. A true master brings his fight to the degree of his rival, even though he can best him. He is teaching the rival the futility of war.
HipHop must survive. We must grow. Our future and the future of real humanity depends on it. I had a rival here on Sound Click a while back. Those who read my blogs remember. I left his comments attached to my blogs to show him I was not afraid of his words. He was trying to draw me into his dark place. I told him "I may not agree with the words that you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say them".
posted by jason xmcjx on Sat Aug 21, 2010 @ 08:51 AM     4 comments    post a comment
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Let the good times roll. Keep makin' fire by rubbing two sticks together. Get Paid.
:: posted by jason xmcjx on Sat Aug 21, 2010 @ 03:55 PM   
thats real talk fam.
:: posted by loxmr206 on Wed Aug 25, 2010 @ 09:17 PM u need to be over here talkn n grindn wit me
:: posted by loxmr206 on Wed Aug 25, 2010 @ 09:18 PM   
That statement holds scientific wieght with me because of the unseen power in the voice of the M.C. The power to "move da crowd" is sacred and should not be taken lightly. Here in America, all things sacred have been perverted. Thank you for shareing your knowlege. I hope more people drink from this cup.
:: posted by jason xmcjx on Sat Sep 11, 2010 @ 11:47 PM   
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