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Whitney Houston has joined our honored ancestors last night. I, along with many of you, mourn her passing from this world. We recently lost Don Cornelious, Heavy D and Etta James. The reality of life is that it is finite.

Life and death walk beside us regularly. Death is waiting for the opportunity to take over, where life leaves an opening. We should only take stock of our own lives when we witness the passing of a neighbor. I often say that our music and art will outlive us all. It's true. I only hope that I can make enough music to properly represent all of my complexities before my time here is up. I post as much of my music as I can for free. I still have about two more C.D.s worth of music that you have not heard. I try to update my older work that I have posted here along with rotating some songs in and out of my playlist to keep you up on my current mindset.

I pray you all stay well enough to make your musical legacy a reality. I know we will be heard, one day, without the pressure of wondering how someone else feels about what it is we did. When I'm dead and gone I would like my music to be discussed by people who want to know the thoughts of a random "Black Brother" from the poorer side of New York. I try to write and produce with that in mind.

All things being considered, I can not say the hours and years I spend working on my music have been wasted. I enjoy solving problems. Those of you who try and maintain a home studio know exactly what I mean. There are days when nothing works until you tear it apart and put it back together. This is the love of the art and science at work.

To all my friends, KEEP PUTTING YOURSELF INTO YOUR MUSIC! This way I can visit you, when you too are gone. I hope you will still visit me.
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Hey, i'm sad Whitney has passed out, i think we never stop to exist, life is a path, for the most of us our music will disapear with our death, i always thought that i would love people to listen my music after my death.
Music have a great meaning in my life, so i hope to live enought to reach the point i let something to the world to listen after my death, that would be amazing.
I'm not affraid to die but i'm affraid my life had no meaning.
I have no job, no girlfriend, no health and that's why i'm making music in my life a challenge, a goal, a way to think myself i'm not on earth for nothing.
Sure there are people that love me but i need to create or i would be totally depressed.
Whitney have made a lot of good music and was a good person.
The world will remember her for a long while.
But we have all the same destiny, being totally forgotten in the future.
This is something i have to accept, but i don't.
I hope you keep on producing man, life is path, death is the online way out..to the light.
I wish you peace and joy.

:: posted by butterfly flew away on Mon Feb 13, 2012 @ 09:48 AM   
PEACE! We agree that our music opens a window in a room with closed doors. I wish you well in your personal persuit of happiness.
:: posted by jason xmcjx on Mon Feb 13, 2012 @ 03:39 PM   
:: posted by RonnieMartini on Wed Feb 15, 2012 @ 11:46 PM   
Great point Bro. Nice to hear from you again. The "waves" that you speak of, others refer to as "essence" or "soul".
:: posted by jason xmcjx on Sat Feb 18, 2012 @ 12:39 PM   
We are all mortal, but the true measure of a life is not the quantity of the life itself but the quantity and quality of one's contribution.

We are all music lovers here at Soundclick, so the death of a great musician hits us hard. Whitney Houston brought some beauty into a world much in need of it. RIP Whitney.

:: posted by Dreamlight on Fri Mar 2, 2012 @ 06:18 PM   
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