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jason xmcjx's SoundClick blog - The Circus.
The Circus.
I think alot. Sometimes, too much. I was in the middle of writing a rhyme about the world being a circus ,and then it hit me. The circus is a tool of diplomacy.
We all know the circus has been around for a while. We also know that it has not changed much since it began. A group of travellers who have unusual talents. The circus seems on its face to be independent of any political influence. We have not looked close enough! The group serves as a subtle warning to its neighbors. "Don't try to over run the people that we come from." They display their mastery over the wild animals. They controll the natural world. They fly through the air. They are extremely brave. They can use every weapon known and have some weapons that are unknown. This "show" can put fear into your heart.
The clowns are used to gather information by interacting with the youngsters who are less likely to keep a secret.
All of these elements convince me that there is much more here than meets the eye.
I always enjoy the Chineese circus. The children use the weapons of martial arts like experts. The subtle implication is the adults who taught them are much greater. I have seen video of circus acts that I could hardly believe! The showmanship, the music, the special effects all blend to create an atmosphere of awe.
I am now reading some histories of various circuses and their acts to see how this fits into my theory.
I write my music and my blogs for only one reason. I want you all to see the world behind the world that we think we see. There are alot of things that I miss durring my personal journey. I hope to meet those who see what I miss.
You know who you are. That is why I opened my life to the internet. We need to meet and discuss a few things in person. Until we do...
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