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ionosonde recordings
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ionosonde recordings's SoundClick blog - One last step to audio ecstasy pt.2
"So Telegraphy", you might be asking your self, "what about the future of audio. All you have been talking about is my roll of toilet paper"? Well first off, I can't look in the future nor am I adept enough to do so. I'll leave that to the powers that be to tell us what we will do next for them. Secondly, if your that annal about annal wipes; get a maid to clean up after you.

The advent of the synthesizer enabled complex colors of sound to be created. During the 1960's the popularity of the modular synthesizer grew exponentially. With availability and feasibility, artist and engineers raved about the "new sound" the synthesizer were able to create. One draw back of the analog modular synthesizer is it's inherent complexity. To set up these machines you virtually had to be an engineer. Then along came the software based synthesis. Machines like the CMI Fairlight and the NED Synclavier can now be set up with ease in minimal time.

So now, once again, we see the degradation of analog audio to a chopped up digital format. Anyways, back to the subject at hand. From then on, we as a generation had fun creating "new sounds" with software based synthisisation, coupled with software based effects. Digital Audio Workstations came on to the market, now all of the sudden an new form of music raised up from the zero's and one's of the software based synthesizers source codes: Tech-no, DnB, jungle, ninja-tune, chiptone, minimal, call it what ever, it was out there being created by novices with home built studios, uploaded to the internet and downloaded for free!

It was the age of electronic music experimentation. Like your teenaged daughter at a frat party, where a feeling of no boundaries was present. Free expression. Free sound. Free sex? (sorry, getting of topic. I'm lonely) That brings us to the present day, where the newest fad is waveform creation. By taking a simple waveform and visually manipulating it to create new and unexplored sounds. Could this creation software be the Antilles Heal of the software synth? Is it the last and final frontier of digital audio experimentation as know it before people begin to wake up to the fact the digital audio sounds bad? Again, if you want answers, go to your local federal government office. There, you'll get answers. They won't be necessarily straight, but there answers.

From the DAW came a new concept of human to computer interface for music creation; The audibly recognizable scale-free music is a form of linking the human brains thoughts to a computers audio generation software. A individual wearing a helmet containing a matrix of electrodes, similar to a EEG (Electrencephalograph), picks up minute brain waves, amplifies them and then processes these wave as tones.

Damn it! We are still using digital computing to hopefully produce the best sound possible. At this point in my life I have no hope for science to harness full audio realization. We have experimented endless times. Can we go no farther? No, we have reached the end. The end of audio experimentation. Only thing left to do is to directly inject music in our brains.
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