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ionosonde recordings
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ionosonde recordings's SoundClick blog - field recording (under bridge)

Words, photo and sounds by: Telegraphy

Solitudes from the great urban skeletal remain that's better known as Detroit. Riding around in Detroit's east side on Mack Ave. and Conner, I muddled around with my keen sense of discovery only to find a few abandon warehouses and factory's along side the Mack Ave viaduct. Here I found in this desolate industrial complex just adjacent to the railroad tracks that funnels new cars out of the Chrysler Jefferson plant; a partially burnt down factory. With a half standing ornate front facade complete with brand new for sale sign mounted high in the upper left corner, I explored around for a perfect photo op to do semi-nude black and white photo's. After getting the million dollar shot (only when I'm long dead) I ventured around on my bike under the viaduct. Gaining access under the bridge was just as simple as riding through high security 8 foot tall gates. In other words, they were WIDE OPEN! At this time it was lunch and my stomach was convorting with my brain to have a meal. So I grabbed a sandwich I packed earlier in the morning. (Anyways, just to let you know that I was hungry.) I noticed the curious sounds the bridge was making when ever a car or truck would pass over. So I grabbed my voice recorder complete with homemade binaural microphones. And this is what became of my lunch in a reclusive part of town.

Bridge by ionosonderec
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