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whats up with that?
ok. so you are going to think i am crazy or just really angry but here are some things i know about. let me start out with the no child left behind policy. what used to happen with an under achiever ? if a grade school student was to score low on the achievement test they would just write down the statistic and go on about their business. most of the time they would pass you forward to the next grade even if you did not deserve it. it was decided by the government that there would be a new policy. if a school repeatedly gets a low average score on the students tests they become scutinized by a new wing of the educational department. some times they cut funds or other adverse things happen to the underachieving school so what does the school do. instead of trying to get their lower scoring students to learn better they send them off to "Special education schools". where the score don't matter and by doing this they increase their average test scores by only keeping the students that excell and dumping the stupid one's then there is medicare if your teeth are bad and you are poor you go to a dentist that accepts medicare he will tell you that all of your teeth need to be removed because they are all in various stages of decay and you will be fitted with a set of dentures that feel like you have a crescent wrench in your mouth. they do this to reduce costs . it is far cheaper to just remove all the teeth at once than to try and repair and fix the other teeth that may last another ten or twenty years with proper care also the dentist will get a larger one time payment from medicare and be done with you forever.
if you are old and need help to just stay alive it comes down to who is your insurance company and what will they pay for. here is where all men are created equal falls apart. if you are on medicare they will have a quality of life meeting about you and your fate will be decided. if you are a bum or just not worth having around and a person of little meaning if you are deemed to be not much you are doomed. they will not even look for cancer in a medicare patient because it will cost them more money if they actuall try and cure you than it would to just let it go and let you get sicker and eventually die
this is the way it is if you are poor this is what you get. not the utopia you thought you would get at all.. if you have money you will get the finest medical care money can buy. but if not you may not get any at all. the ironic thing is that the poor people are the one's that worked in the factories that made the money for the rich guy's to get enough cash to pay the doctors to keep them alive so they could make more money by working people their whole short lives in the factory just to get thrown away when they are no longer able to produce profit for the rich guy.
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