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things that are currently Bugging me
Wow the fuzz are Blasting a guy a day here in Shasta county at this rate they will get us all in 100,000 days every man woman and child nobody left at all. just weird that this is happening. the Chinese are Guilty of possesing weapons of mass Production. world economy my Buttocks! they use prison labor the air is so polluted that they are choking to death smoke stacks blasting into the air no regulation no human rights nothing unless we get our selves on the right path and refuse to buy crummy chinese products we are all going to suffer those dudes over there even have rivers that are burning because of the crud they let flow into the water that then flows into the ocean then it poisons the fish we eat in cans from china that we buy for 49 cents Each we here in the grand old United States of America have to try and keep it Clean at least a Little we are not on an even playing field and thats not right is it i mean those people forced to work for a couple of bucks a day in squalid cities dedicated to stealing our patents and selling our own inventions back to us how about just don't do business with crooks. is all i have to say. and that is why it has everything to do with the Price of Tea in China.
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