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imlen2's SoundClick blog - More Balderdash and Tomfoolery from ago Time
More Balderdash and Tomfoolery from ago Time
well alrighty then. i am stuck in Neutral again just sitting here my vw Tweaked again needs a new crank. my futura's tires rub and wiped out my big fat white walls. my rambler has a giant hole in the floor in the back seat you can see the road going by and have to put your feet up on the hump to keep them from scraping on the pavement.the house wants a new roof! has it been that long wow.
it's weird not having to hide from the helicoptors anymore.
they give out those pot scripts to just about anybody i told them it helps with the pain in my back but i really just like getting high always have. bums me out that something so good had to be illegal for so long se la vie. can you picture me sitting in a cell for having blown a joint or two in the park back in the 70's kept me in the drunk tank for 34 days i got three years probation the probation guy used to drive out to the ranch and hunt me up one time i was out shooting squirrels with my 22. "they are ground squirrels and the dig holes in the pasture and the horses would break their legs when they fell into the holes" he freaked out he ran for his car and stood behind the car door. like i was going to shoot him because i had gotten arrested for blowing weed. weirdo! i am a hillbilly and there are always a few fire arms around for pluggin "Revenuers" not really just varmints once a rabid skunk came up on the porch and attacked my german shepard. i could'nt find a gun so i had to bang on the thing with a two by four staub untill i killed it. it was also a weird thing! lots of things happen out here i saw a 5 foot rattle snake by the road yesterday i let him go he was'nt bothering anybody and the kids have grown up. not a threat. mysterously the star thistle has disapeared. Dunno what happened but it just went away.
our last horse was killed by a speeding garbage truck a couple of years back. horses have been here since the mid 1800's when my ancestors homesteaded here. another weird and ironic ending to a long Pioneer history..."and another sigh and ho hum oh well thing" what ya gonna do. progress "Phooey" i used to be able to walk naked down our road all the way to the old cemetery without fear of being seen. but now i have neighbors all over the place building big stucco covered plywood McMansions and bi***ing about me not using the old road at all! even with my clothes on. at the old house we would sleep on the porch in the summer it was way too hot inside the house "no electricty at all" there was a big well tower built right on the front porch Bats lived up there. we all had tennis rackets by our beds on the porch. phong they would go when you got one. their radar can't see the strings. and you could whack them pretty good. usually they would get up after a while and split off to somewhere else. the well had frogs in it you could hear them croaking way down there. do you realize what humongous balls those guy's had somebody dug that fourty foot deep hole with a bucket and a shovel then lined it with sandstone bricks "on the way back up i guess". creeps me out thinking of digging way down that hole. we found a deed to some railroad property hid under the old house we were diging around under there because one of the summer beams had broke. and the floor was sagging down.
we had a big old bottle jack and some big rocks we would jack a little and shout to grandpa "how's it look" still saggging go up some more..he would holler back. we kept jacking and stuffing rocks under the broken beam untill he said it looked good. later when we were eating in the dining room me and dad noticed that grandpa must have had a little too many beers and it was way up hill to the living room but we decided it would settle eventually anyway it was scary and spidery under that old house.
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