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wow weird
i was just checking out the twitter feed i saw it on the side of my band page. comment after comment just scrolling away there. i watched it doing it's stuff and have came to the conclusion. either that thing is an
advertisement for beats or the people that are using it are selling a lot of Beats.
i realize that i am weird and just do not give a hooty damn about selling anything. i just dig making the stupid music that i make. it's fun. i like the pats on the head from the patronizing "actual musicians". it just seems that a twitter feed must be for selling stuff. if you want to buy a beat thats the place to be.
i would really like to see some actual constructive comments on it. oh well i get what i get i guess. just seemed weird kinda like one of those ads where i can get produced and be as famous as toto if i give them a large unmarked bag of cash. Phooey on it. money money money crap man
what a big giant pain in the ass you got to struggle to get any you got to get ulcers and die young to protect it people killing people for a fourty dollar bill.
i hide.... i hide way out here in the woods in my little room and hide from everything. i do not want to be in a race. yes your music is far more worthy of note... ok i agree with everything you say just go away or at least just stop it with the buy this attitude. i recently watched an old iggy pop concert and he is pretty good. i liked the spontanaity but there was an irony he was rolling around on the floor screaming I am not a Product over and over and in the cartoon bubble over my head i saw him grabbing his huge paycheck for the concert and getting in the limo with his acountants. and lawyers. yes iggy you are too a Product. at least i expect no payment or applause. it's just fun to make music it's great when someone likes it and it's still good if someone hates it . at least i got a rise out of them
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