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imlen2's SoundClick blog - midi's way long in ago time
midi's way long in ago time
once upon an ago time there was the modem and only the modem
when you wanted to go online you got to hear the weird tones the computer made while trying to convert your digital signal into analog and back again to connect to the world wide web. webpages were built so they would load in less than a minute. we thought it was wonderful. when you were connected to the web your phone did not work at all.
you could not use both at the same time. anyway i loved it i made many webpages on geocities a now defunct place where you could make a webpage free. all of them had a big old banner ad on the top. i got into midi music because it was the only kind there was. slowly mp3's started showing up to make one you had to have ripping software to get it off the cd and you had to have some decoder software to make it into an mp3. it took hours. and down loading an mp3 over the net through a modem could actually take 2 hours at 28k. modems said they were 56k but it never happened. and videos never! way hell gay to big.. it took days to download a tiny video. then along came napster you could find and download almost anything that had been encoded into mp3 format. there were not many. but napster and mp3's grew fast. there was no streaming no flash format nothing like that.
midi songs were teeny little files and could be downloaded free all over the net. i collected thousands of them. then as time went on i tried my hand at making midis they were pretty crummy but i persisted. eventually i got me a copy of cool edit and got into mixing loops and samples into pseudo songs and just kept doing it to this day so what you hear is kind of the evolution of midis all the voices and all the music i make is all done using software and this black box sitting on the desk in my little room way out in the country near bella vista California. and so the music i make is an experiment in progress and still crummy like the midis i used to make but it's just what i do ..
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