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imlen2's SoundClick blog - a very sad day
a very sad day
my daughters boyfriend of 15 years and the father of four of my grandchildren was gunned down in reno last night i have spent the day at my daughters house trying to console her he was her high school sweet heart. well after getting a phone call from the reno police telling her Patrick was dead guess what the redding police came out to her house and gave her a bad time and even handcuffed her they grabbed my wife and twisted her arm she is 55 years old and has never been manhandled like that in her entire life. great somebody blasts your husband and then they come rushing over to rip your house to pieces and handcuff you! just great. anyway they finally left'
after finding pieces of pipe in the shed and proclaiming them bomb parts until it was pointed out to them the plumbing job he was doing just before he was murdered. my daughter is a school teacher with all the corresponding degrees to prove it she works hard every day Patrick was always prone to getting involved with shady characters
looks like this time it got him. it's just the attitude of the police handcuffing the crying little school teacher whose husband had just been gunned down in cold blood showing up ransacking her house using tough language grabbing my wife of forty years great what a wonderful bunch of creeps cop's are creepy you better believe it! oh and the shooter murderer is still on the loose. he / they stole my daughters car killed her husband and looks like they had a clean getaway.
good work fuzzballs thanks for keeping us all safe. now there is nobody to watch the grandchildren and she has no car to go to work each day plus i guess we have to figure out a way to pay to have his body brought home and buried great just great the children having to grow up without their daddy man it was sad to see them crying about what happened to their daddy then to have the fuzz show up and cuff their momma great just stinking great i bet that traumatizes them real good
probably going to have to spend a great part of what's left of my life trying to help the little ones get over it.... all in all a very sad day indeed.
posted by imlen2 on Thu Feb 8, 2018 @ 02:53 AM     2 comments    post a comment
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Very, very sorry. sad :(
:: posted by on Thu Feb 8, 2018 @ 12:18 PM   
thank you!
i posted that blog last night man i am still sick to my tummy about the whole thing the kid lived with us on and off since he was fifteen.
gunned down in reno father of four crying daughter roughed up by redding police. wife got arm twisted for protesting their treatment.
and they never went to reno they had no idea until the police called and said your husband has been killed my daughter did not have a clue about why he went to reno why would the police go to her house put her in cuffs twist my wifes arm all while the crazed drug addled murderer is driving around in my daughters car thay stole after blasting some holes in my son in law what thew hell i don't get it
:: posted by imlen2 on Thu Feb 8, 2018 @ 12:59 PM   
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