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the cats in the morning
the cats on the porch stare out the screen windows licking their lips in anticipation of climbing up that tree and getting that squirrel that keeps barking his disgust at the cats locked inside below.
the wiser kitties that lived outside knew the guile and ability of the wise old squirrel .
he would just climb higher and jump over to the next tree and begin to taunt them again
all the while the red hawk hiding quietly in the branches was watching the squirrel aware his attention was focused on the kitties on the porch
and completely unaware of his possibly being breakfast for the hawk just waiting for him to leap from one tree to another so he could snatch him up mid jump and fly away to his nest
so my day begins.
these are the dramas carried outside my bedroom window while i sleep the morning away the sun rises and warms the grass and the dew disappears before i venture outside.
i like the sun and the warm the winter slows me down it's depressing being cold i never travel to the snow it has always proven to be a hassle.i went skiing once and managed to twist my leg real good and spent the day being cold and in pain while everybody kept going up and down the mountain bummed me out with skiing forever.
in the weeks past i have managed to lift the engine and replace the transmission it had inexplicably broken in half and fell out of the bottom of the car.
but its all better now. i think .
it's seems the days are passing by faster and faster as i grow older maybe it's me going slower and slower you think?
who knows i have always kinda of ignored the big questions in life because of my inability to solve them at all.
mental midget is what i am so better to leave those things to those who have bigger brains than i do.
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