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imlen2's SoundClick blog - that stupid old car of mine
that stupid old car of mine
well i am 65 years old and i pulled the engine out of my old car put on a used two speed trans i found in grants pass and put the whole shebang back in the hole. i got it bolted back in place and am now hooking up all the hoses and wires i am almost done maybe soon i can start driving a car instead of trying to ride my electric tricycle in the cold and rain. it's been broke down for over a year it is hard to find a two speed auto trans for a 1962 ford futura. but i did and am almost finished hope it works o k. plus i did it all by myself every nut and bolt of it i hated doing it but i did it so even if you are a old goat you might still have a little gumption left in you if you hunt for it.
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