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imlen2's SoundClick blog - big party this new years eve? not me
big party this new years eve? not me
great just great the official people "you know mayors police governors guys like that" they tell us it's o.k. go ahead celebrate new years we got you covered we got thousands of armed police national guard plus this year we even got snipers on the roof tops through out the city. yeo boy howdy that sure sounds like just where i want to go to celebrate any damn thing.
myself i am just going to go out a couple days early and chum my favorite spot on Shasta lake by chum i mean poke a bunch of holes in a can of dog food and toss it off the dock then on new years i am going to grab me a couple big old spliffs and some dos equis and drop a line down off the dock and get me some big old cat fish
cats fish dig dog food and gather all around the poked can really they do the fish and game guys will blow a gasket if they catch you but i would never accidently drop anything off the dock in the night when nobody is there would i? my bet is neither terrorists nor snypers will be there good luck with that las vegas and times square thing.
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