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flying off again
well all i got to say about the new tax bill is
if my taxes go up even one cent i am going to grab my pitch fork hop on a bus and go to see the grandwazoo! seems to me big businesses do not need any kind of tax break how about only if they raise their workers wages with it?
how about that bezos guy he could blow a million a minute and still have a bunch left when he croaks of old age.
and as far as my taxes being any higher just aint going to happen if they try and get more money from me i will have to fight because there is not any money to give them. sometimes i aint even got enough dough to buy a cheese burger! oh yeah we got to stop them from changing the net neutrality law going to be a bummer for everybody who aint got a bag of cash. it will pick favorites for you and make going where you want a bit tougher ..
and i am pretty sure donald trump is a moron really he is! the only guy that thinks he is a genius is himself "wait maybe that was the lyrics from a poem or tune i heard in ago time". no i am sure he really is a mental midget. freaks me out the stuff he spews out all over the place and he is trying to not do that he is trying as hard as he can to look like a nice guy who gives a
"insert obscene word here"
and he is still the biggest moron to come down the pike in a hundred years...
"i am sorry every time i say anything that remotely refers to that guy causes my to fly off" .
anyway it's been real it's been nice but it aint been real nice.
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Can you name one thing that grows from the top down?
Same goes for this Trickle Down nonsense.
There are a lot of angry people out there, and they are done falling for the "Illegals" story. This is the selling out of WE THE PEOPLE to the super rich puppet masters running Donny's mouth. I imagine that security positions for a lot of these guys ( Paul Ryan ) are going to be in high demand.
Mago Mussolini has done one thing, created a rage among the working class that hasen't been seen since the French Revolution! ~ Solidarity
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