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NO Loitering!
you have to leave there is no loitering allowed here!
that's what the guy had the gall to say to me i was sitting on my electric tricycle under a tree in the shade in the middle of the mcdonalds parking lot.
i do this a lot "as you might know after you croak down a couple of mcdonalds burgers they tend to start fizzing and moving around in your tummy and sometime you just got to sit there and say why do i keep eating these things". anyway it's about the loitering and i told the guy to buzz off. he got all huffy puffy and threatened to call the fuzz.
so i told him i aint loitering i aint one of those homeless bums you push around every day i got a home and i got a lawyer and my bet is my lawyer can beat up your lawyer he kind of crinkled up his face and just walked off i guess he never called the cops because i continued to sit there for a while i did see him shooshing off some other people a little later i guess they just didn't know a good lawyer.
neither do i but i lie a lot and it made the dude go away.
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