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imlen2's SoundClick blog - i need a good mouth piece/ shyster
i need a good mouth piece/ shyster
so anybody out there a good shyster i need a mouthpiece i want to file suit against the doctors who when i went to them with my back injury put me through years of tests including an mri and concluded that i had a bad back and was really in quite a bit of pain the choices they gave me was surgery "my mother had just such a surgery and never walked again" nope to that one so they prescribed hydrocodone that was about five years ago. so now that they got me good and addicted they decide that i must be a blue meanie because i take them and so they cut the dose in half. mostly to show the federal government that they are indeed doing something about the opiate problem. now i go through the dt's every month because i have a hard time only existing on half the pills they used to give me.
it's like when i have the pills i can climb ladders do the work required from owning ten acres of land and feel generally pretty good.
i absolutely do not eat these thing because i like the high. but after ruining my body gobbling up tons of ibuprophen and all the other over the counter drugs they sell by the pound over the counter. then the give me this crap and voila i feel like i am 25 again and my liver gets better my general health is much better but i cannot hack this dt crap legs twitching around all night grumpy old man syndrome is me now. i got sent to three different drug tests and passed them all showing the doctor i was taking the pills as directed and was not smoking weed or taking other drugs. but just to cover his ass the doctor is cutting my pills in half. putting me in much discomfort
and making me into a bedridden old bi***y man. it aint my fault a bunch of druggies are using this stuff to get high on i use it so i can function and do things around the house. when i run out i tend to lay on the bed and say ow oooh e ah a lot and watch old episodes of gilligans island. i mean i am 65 years old and in pain what the hell humor me how stinking addicted can i get i mean after all i really aint got all that many years left. why cant i go out smiling.
posted by imlen2 on Tue Nov 7, 2017 @ 02:05 PM     post a comment
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