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old folks
well i just had a thought.
take nursing homes.. you know old folks homes
what with modern society going the way it is you will be in one sooner or later a nurse changing your diaper. yep it's going to happen to you unless you are like keith moon and die before you get old..
and it's because of your kids. you had to work you had to make a living so both parents got jobs made money got a house a boat and a big winnabago to go on vacations once a year yes modern living well your children grow up and every thing works until you get old. now you become a liability what with your children being grown and wanting to buy themselves a big motor home and you as the parent become a liability a hassle that cannot be dealt with and so they take your retirement money and sell your house all the while convincing you that it is best you know for your own good and put you in a facility that they think you will like a place where trained people will tend to your needs. you know it's balderdash. but you get what you get or rather what you gave. families used to stay together and care for their own used to be families were more important than the state the government and yes your own prosperity the family took care of it's self always. not anymore if you become a liability the people who you thought loved you do but they just aint got the time to goof around with your needs they just send you off to a place to die.
away from your grandchildren and out of sight oh yes they come to visit once a month and ask are you alright are they treating you well?
truth is the home is only there to make money. ran as a business and not much else oh sure the staff is trained the place is usually kept pretty clean but the staff the nurses all are just working for a living and there aint no love no you just get adequate care. i don't know if i can draw any conclusions from this but that's how it is have fun mulling it around in your head maybe if you show your children as much love naw you aint going to give up that second job the kids are alright in daycare beside if you did that you could not pay the rent on that big old house on the cul de sac huh.....
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