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my first wife "a million years ago" told me as she walked out that i needed to grow up.. i am pretty sure i never did i grew old but i still like to watch cartoons ride my bike and if i could i would even pop some wheelies on it but alas i grew old my body got old but inside i just have a bit of trouble believing it all happened so stinking fast. politics and stuff like wars just seem to fly over my head. i don't get it i mean all the hate and stuff just weirds me out even religion weirds me out super churches and mega pastors or what ever collecting millions of dollars for what i mean my god is inside me guiding me along and he just aint short of cash.
yep i am sure of it i just grew old but i never grew up oh well guess i can't have everything...
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Age is just a number your soul is made of something else.
:: posted by AnthonyButera-Barros on Wed Oct 11, 2017 @ 10:02 AM   
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