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but seriously keyboards horns all that jazz what are you a musician an artist? really ya think. are ya all that? michael angelo leonardo
a million bucks of knobs to twist to get the perfect pitch. huh is that you professional indeed well goody for you. in my mind it's about entertainment laughter sadness empathy emotions an act. a method of eliciting reaction response not a precise execution of notes in the proper order and on time but more the unexpected twists and turns that engage the intelect.a mere jester is what i have to say a joker in the kings court pointy little green shoes joking jumping bringing smiles to the elite and hoping for a few coins to be tossed.
maybe a manufactured image for consumption by the masses made up by suits and tie fellows bent on profit the rules the hooks the patterns. who are you most like. who do you sound like? what catagory how can we box it up and put a price on it. our new cd our new record our new what ever it is just aint all that new if you adhere to all the formats and so called rules of rock four two four four two then the hook repeat. wow yea well what ever works for you as i have been well informed by the jestor.
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