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imlen2's SoundClick blog - must be nice
must be nice
wow i wish i was able to do that. i mean the times i was under investigation i was pretty helpless imagine being able to just fire the guy who is looking into your past and be able to stop the investigation just by firing the top cop man i want to be president then i could get away with anything i like sounds like loads of fun....
posted by imlen2 on Mon Mar 19, 2018 @ 11:04 AM     post a comment
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bad mojo still here
i just do not know what the hell is going on.
this is absolutely the worst bit of bad luck to happen to me ever. within the span of a month my son law was murdered my wife collapsed my son almost cut his hand off with a skill saw and today my brother who lives next door got in an accident and is in the hospital with a bunch of broke ribs and a collapsed lung and so is low rider mike he got a broken pelvis he lives in a motor home on my property. man way too much bad stuff happening here.
posted by imlen2 on Thu Mar 15, 2018 @ 09:58 PM     post a comment
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science medicine
great so everybody is so impressed with our medical abilities i say phooey they give you pills for everything most of them have side effects or are addictive. they have to poison you to kill cancer i can tell you there are switches built right into the human body they need to find like the switch that flicks off when you get your adult teeth find the switch flip it and voila a new set of teeth or lungs or whatever look for them i think they are there the medical guy's are just now starting to figure it out... and science phooey on that maybe we can go to the moon and beyond but how come a cow can make milk from grass and we cannot i mean a dumb cow does it well just put in grass and out comes milk can't be that tough can it.
posted by imlen2 on Thu Mar 15, 2018 @ 05:25 PM     post a comment
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and so it begins
well like i said the teachers should teach not police.
a month or so has passed since the president said we need to arm the teachers in our schools.
it's a bad idea they just do not have the training or the where withall to be the school police. today one tried to get out their gun and blasted a big hole in the roof after it went off accidentally. there was another one who shot up the floor and still there was one who flipped out and barricaded himself inside a classroom and threatened to kill himself. man what are they thinking teachers were trained to be teachers and fuzz are trained to be fuzz so hire the fuzz to shoot the guns and let the teachers ponder the significance of short person behavior. the police are trained to know when to blast something
"even they are not all that good at it" and stuff like that. teachers are an unstable group who wanted to teach our young people things and to use them for law enforcement is just wrong headed it might be cheaper then hiring cops to walk around the playground all day but so stinking what pay the bill get it done and move on to the next big thing okay...
posted by imlen2 on Wed Mar 14, 2018 @ 11:55 AM     post a comment
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kim jung goon
i wonder what will keep that loon kim jung goon or whatever his name is from just kidnapping the president and his plane. the guy is completely crazy enough to do something like that. anyway why bother he is sinking. the sanctions are working "i think". kim jung goon lies all the time more than the donald ever has and he is off his rocker while the donald might be a few cards short of a deck that korean dude is a looney in the first degree. a total out there looney he really thinks he is the guy the one god sent to rule over korea i think they better schedule that meeting somewhere other than korea how about getting that loon to come here and we can arrest him here naw we aint that crazy are we.......
posted by imlen2 on Fri Mar 9, 2018 @ 03:38 PM     1 comment    post a comment
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blammo down he went
great I just now wrote a blog about bad stuff happening and no more than ten minutes went by and there was a big cat fight on the front porch. "no not that" I mean kitties fighting and scratching yelling stuff like that. I went out to see two of them way up on the rafters facing off so bright as a bulb as always I climbed up to get one of them down. guess what I slipped and fell hitting a file cabinet with my chest on my way down. I might have broke a rib I am in great pain and since my old car crapped out again I had to call the wife to come and get me I suppose I should go to the emergency room and get an xray to see if I really did break something sure feels like it.
owwie owwie owwie.
posted by imlen2 on Thu Mar 1, 2018 @ 09:09 PM     post a comment
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bad mojo
so the poo keeps flowing it think it's in the air bad luck no mojo weird stuff keeps happening. my son in law was shot and killed..and yesterday my guitarist got his hand caught up in a skill saw and they had to perform surgery to re attach four tendons damn near hacked his hand off even my old car screwed up again I just took out the engine and trans went to grants pass got a transmission for it came back put it in worked great for a week now I got to take it back out again and it's snowing I got no transportation except my electric tricycle my wife went to stay at my daughters house to help take care of the four grandsons one is only a few weeks old so I am alone in the snow without transportation penny less and lonely
man I sure got the makings of a good blues song huh.
my doctor has decided that I don't need any pain medicine so he cut my Norco dose in half guess what I am addicted. I get jimmy legs and a lot of pain but on the other hand I get to stay up all night and watch the monkeys and perry mason on the tv and I am never hungry I am losing weight pretty fast and only weigh 135 pound now last month I weighed 145 and three years ago I weighed over 180. and the doctor can only find I eat too many pain killers. well I guess he has his agenda the drug police might get him if he gives out to many pills I never asked any doctor for any damn thing I went to the emergency room because I hurt my back loading that stupid truck I used to drive for a living I fell down had to be taken to the hospital they gave me those drugs I felt great but my employer fired me because they can't let a guy who is on a narcotic drug drive any of their trucks then over a period of years of unemployment I went broke not a dime kind of thing. sweating the power bill every month so after years of gobbling up pain pills whammo they inform me I am an addict and I have a drug problem and I have to go through withdrawel symptoms for god knows how long just to face a life of being in constant pain from the crushed disk in my back or I can consent to have my back operated on by a medicare doctor of their choosing and they can attempt to fix it this leads to my momma she fell off a horse way back in ago time they operated on her back over and over again and she never rode a horse again in fact she never went anywhere without a walker until the day she died. but at least she was not in pain they gave her piles of narcotics and she died happy anyway so I aint going to do that.. but now it's no drugs for me. the thing is before I got put on this crap I was gobbling up tons of over the counter pain pills aspirin gave me ulcers ibuprophen screwed up my liver and I started turning yellow. I been smoking weed for a million years and for me all it seems to do is get me focused on the pain I get high but my brain seems to zoom in on the hurty owie in my lower back. it hurts sometimes I have even burst into tears it hurt so bad. I am like the old woman help I have fallen and I can't get up.
and I aint no sissy one time I had a tooth ache so bad my face looked like I had a baseball in my mouth I called the dentist and he told me it would be a week until he could fit me in I got a bottle of southern comfort drank it in about five minutes grabbed a pair of vice grips and pulled out that bastard tooth myself in the bathroom.
then passed out on my bed when I woke up the pain was gone and I did my happy dance...
posted by imlen2 on Thu Mar 1, 2018 @ 01:14 PM     post a comment
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i am sitting here on my bed in my room and i have five animals right here with me three more loose in the room and more on the porch outside there are the cats two white ones two stripedy ones and two black dogs one really big one and a very small one. i got my wireless keyboard and i am jockeying for a position in front of the monitor. cats are weird animals they are devious and mostly get their way. i never wanted cats or dogs for that matter they just happened i never hurt animals if i can help it and they seem to know it they keep stumbling in here hungry and in various shapes of health my son found an owl yesterday and brought it home it was injured i think it must have bumped it's head it was just standing there shaking it's head back and forth like it had a big hangover. we wrapped it in a blanket and brought it home we called the animal guy's and there seems to be an owl department strange thing about them it only took about ten minutes for them to get here and take the little guy away that's about ten minutes faster than if i had called 911 about a heart attack weird night nothing to do just sit here and look at the animals wanting me to do something but me not knowing what it is they want me to do. it's my imagination because my wife is not here and i only have these weirdo animals to talk to.
posted by imlen2 on Mon Feb 26, 2018 @ 10:27 PM     post a comment
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blizzard of blogs
a blizzard of blogs it came from boredom and loneliness the wife is still staying at the daughters house to help take care of the four grand children. i got burnmed out about go fund me and eviled up on them i wrote a bunch of knarly stuff because nobody gave a dime to the page i made for Sarah "my daughter" she had her husband shot to death in Reno a few weeks ago. Patrick "the now dead father of four and Sarah's life long friend aint coming home. anyway i guess nobody saw the page or i am a lousy writer and nobody cared or they thought it was a phony page but all i wanted was for people to donate enough money so she could get a car because the police impounded the one Patrick was driving when he got killed and it was their only vehicle the police impounded it with the kids car seats in it because the guy that shot Patrick stole the thing and blew up the engine so no use going to get it back. well it bummed me out that no one would help out. so i wrote a bunch of bad things but then i had a change of mind and just took the page down. we are going to handle it like in the old day's before go fund me and save up and buy a car for her on our own. myself i told you about being a broke dick well i aint kidding i got twelve bucks in my checking account and zero in savings but we can make it by ourselves and we are going to get by. sure it's really sad but you got's to do what's you got's to do and that's what you got's to do. right so instead of me being a big cry baby time to stand up and fix this stupid thing as best as we can and go on.
posted by imlen2 on Mon Feb 26, 2018 @ 11:13 AM     1 comment    post a comment
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the cupboard was bare
wow i sure am hungry i think i will look in the cupboard and see what there is.
look there's a can of tuna i wonder if we got any bread yep a couple of heels still there now for some mayo. crap there aint any i'll just use the last of the ketchup....

don't do it man i tried it and it comes out looking like something that got road killed and aged well and it tastes even worse ....
axxxxy ucky foo foo!
posted by imlen2 on Sun Feb 25, 2018 @ 01:12 AM     post a comment
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i wonder
"he took up a position" is that cop speak for he hid behind a wall and pooped his pants? or other words for he chickened out or long speak for coward. sometimes you got to decipher what the police are saying you got to translate it to English.
posted by imlen2 on Fri Feb 23, 2018 @ 11:19 AM     post a comment
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registering guns is a relatively new thing i mean not really wow now i went and shot myself in the foot so to speak here is the story when i grew up we were a big old hillbilly family. uncles brothers aunts grandpas grandmas great grandmas all in the same big old ranch house and i can tell you they had no idea of registering any guns and there was a bunch of them lying around there were favorite guns and broken guns, guns that nobody really cared about all just lying all around the house kids played with them anybody over nine knew how to shoot the eye out of a gnat at fifty yards with a western auto fourteen shot semi auto remember those with the slidey thingamabob under the barrel.
there were beds on the porch outside the old house that ran down three sides of the house "they were for hot summer nights there was no air conditioning at the house way back then"
the forth side was the one with the entrance to the creepy old cellar.
anyway i wonder about all those old guns whatever happened to them i bet most of them are still around and still sitting in a drawer somewhere the police have no idea how many of these things are still around i bet millions of them maybe anyway just kinda made me think when they were talking about how to stop the shootings on the news they were mumbling about gun registration and my bet is nobody who has any of those oldie but goody guns aint just going to bring them in to register them. i only got this big old long tom 12 gauge single shot that i kept from those days it's serial number is 36 that means it's the 36th gun savage made way back then
..."a long tom is a shot gun with a really long barrel"
mine is over four feet total i use it to shoot rabid varmints like skunks and possums. but only the rabid ones and believe me you can tell who they are aint no mistaken it nosiree bob.
posted by imlen2 on Thu Feb 22, 2018 @ 11:32 PM     post a comment
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how about this?
how about all of the above 21 years old to own or posses a gun no automatic weapons at all ten shot clip max gun safty check test for each purchase no more than one gun purchase a month. all guns must be kept in locked gun safe when not in use. no more than 100 rounds sold at one time. mental health checks for guns and ammo purchase. one month waiting period for all purchases no sale of guns at gun shows private gun sales. all new fire arms to have tracking chip installed and connected in real time to law enforcement showing the locations of such fire arm. metal detectors at all school entrances armed security officer at each school metal detectors at all mall entrances surveillance cameras on every street corner in the usa face recognition capability on each one. all immigrants to have a two year waiting period with a detailed background check. no exceptions. no sale of fire arms to anyone with a arrest record of any kind even misdemeanor require volunteer neighborhood watch groups in every city and supply them with radios and weapons. increase prison capacity and make everyone convicted of a crime serve the entire sentence no early release or parole or probation. start a new agency to find and convict criminals for the crimes they are likely to commit.
have chips implanted in the brains of felons to give them a zap each time they have a immoral thought. put up a wall not just in the south but around the entire country and monitor the comings and goings of everybody. re institute waterboarding and any other torture method that works to gain intelligence that can be used to predict future crimes. follow isreals example and blow up the houses of the criminals family. and thought police devise a way to see the thoughts of people and install them in every television and computer. electronically read every email and phone call made in the usa and use any information as needed to prevent future crime. shoot on sight anyone who might pose a threat to law enforcement. add thousands of more police to help enforce new regulations. post riot police around churches to prevent more church shootings lower the amount of powder that all ammo can have to half the amount they use now. require all new firearms to have owner recognition software to ensure that only the registered owner can fire the fire arm.
posted by imlen2 on Tue Feb 20, 2018 @ 09:11 PM     post a comment
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i am a lonely love sick weenie my wife of thirty five years has gone to stay at my daughters house on the other side of town. she is helping to take care of the four grand children and stuff. i pick up the two older ones from school and take them home every week day and when my wife gets off work she go's to sarahs house to help make dinner and keep the boy's in line. leaving me alone i like being alone but i like being alone with my wife if that makes any sense?
so i am alone here in my room and hence the blizzard of blogs.
posted by imlen2 on Tue Feb 20, 2018 @ 02:09 PM     post a comment
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i heard that
yep i heard that.... and nope i aint got anything better to do.
nanny nanny nanny. the house is paid for the car is paid for i am 65
i get social security money not much but what yuh gonna do.
i got to clean up the yard i got to fix the roof but yeah no i aint got nothing better to do i got things to do but better things i can't think of one.
and how about you what are you doing reading my nonsense aint you got anything better to do? what about that huh? making comments about what i do indeed! why do you care what i do?
if you do not like what i write poo on you quit wasting your time and try and stop me from doing it if it bugs you that much. no i do not like the president i threw away my vote because i could not in good conscience vote for either of the idiot candidates. if you like the dude great! so what? i aint going to bad mouth you for being a redneck idiot with a third grade education. vote for who ever you want. don't bug me with this crap about i don't know what is good for me i know what i think and i find it hard to tell what you think. and i do not really give a monkey poop what you say or do so how about those road apples huh!
posted by imlen2 on Tue Feb 20, 2018 @ 12:14 PM     post a comment
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do something?
well i woke up and that's enough to make it a good day i am 65 years old so waking up at all is a good thing. what i want to say is about bullies and the bullied while there is no excuse for going bananas and shooting up a high school. being bullied and treated bad in high school can really effect a guy's behavior. however what i want to say is it go's away after high school the bullies get jobs and you never see them again and the things they said about you just don't make a hooty damn anymore. i was a shrimp in school a tiny skinny asthmatic and i got it good. there was a ton of times i said i was going to kill somebody but i never meant i was going to grab a gun and start blasting away. and that's the problem with what they are talking about doing they are going to start going after anybody who gets bullied gets angry and starts saying he hates that guy or those guy's
and most times was not going to actually blast anybody. and gun control won't stop anybody from making a bomb. probably investing in a company that makes metal detectors is a good idea. because i can see a rush to outfit every school with one. my bet is this time they really are going to cook up a bunch of new rules and laws to try and stop the loonies from being able to kill students in schools. and that might help a little but i can also see the looney just waiting outside until the bell rings and they come out. but yes we got to do something monitoring the loonies would work a little but it's a touchy subject do you invade a kids parents house because you got an anonymous report of odd behavior? going to be a crapload of homes invaded if they do. keeping people from picking on the weak would work good but how you going to do that? they already got a bunch of advertisements flying over the air waves about how you should not be mean to the feeble or smaller guy's . any other ideas? come on quit blabbing about something must be done and put down in writing what you think will fix the problem and send it to your congress man if millions of cacamaimie ideas get looked at maybe a couple of them might work stop saying we got to do something and do something write down your ideas on how to fix this thing and mail them to somebody who can do something. even if your idea is total madness the congress dude will get the message and try to do something right. .
posted by imlen2 on Tue Feb 20, 2018 @ 11:39 AM     post a comment
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what's up with coffee pot's
i like coffee not fancy coffee just regular grocery store type stuff.
and my bugaboo is dribblers! they all seem to dribble they dribble when you try and fill the machine they dribble when you try and pour a cup i mean even the cheapest coffee machine should have a spout that don't dribble it would cost nothing to design a non dribble coffee pot easy peezy right so how come these things dribble all over the place first water dribbles on the counter then hot coffee dribbles on the cup phooey on science if they can't even give me a coffee pot that don't dribble.
posted by imlen2 on Thu Feb 15, 2018 @ 12:32 PM     post a comment
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go fund me
well in my sadness i went to go fund me and made a page telling about my daughter and my four grandsons. deeds the youngest is only a month old i wrote about how their father "my son in law" was murdered in cold blood in reno the other day. i wrote about how they had impounded her car i wrote about sarah being a school teacher who if checked people would find out she don't do drugs at all. she never drinks alcohol. and somebody has blasted her husband to pieces leaving a mother with four tiny children. i thought maybe people would help her out i thought maybe it would help but guess what nobody gave a dime! nobody responded at all i don't know if anybody saw the page or if they thought it was a phony thing trying to get money for nothing but t makes me so sad that there is nothing i can do to help my little girl get through this hard time but go fund me is like sour grapes for me. weird nobody wanting to help no one at all.
i guess i am going there to just take it down we are a family of hillbillies and we are strong we can get through this without the help of anyone. so keep your money but how about praying for her maybe you can see fit to do that. it won't cost you any of your precious cash and who knows it might help
posted by imlen2 on Thu Feb 15, 2018 @ 11:45 AM     post a comment
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poof gone!
well they're gone they shut em off. poof all gone bummer my websites were all on one server and i did not have the money to pay the rent on the websites and poof they switched em off.
bummer thing about it is my back up don't seem to work so looks like years of work poof gone with the flick of a switch.
posted by imlen2 on Mon Feb 12, 2018 @ 12:06 PM     post a comment
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midi's way long in ago time
once upon an ago time there was the modem and only the modem
when you wanted to go online you got to hear the weird tones the computer made while trying to convert your digital signal into analog and back again to connect to the world wide web. webpages were built so they would load in less than a minute. we thought it was wonderful. when you were connected to the web your phone did not work at all.
you could not use both at the same time. anyway i loved it i made many webpages on geocities a now defunct place where you could make a webpage free. all of them had a big old banner ad on the top. i got into midi music because it was the only kind there was. slowly mp3's started showing up to make one you had to have ripping software to get it off the cd and you had to have some decoder software to make it into an mp3. it took hours. and down loading an mp3 over the net through a modem could actually take 2 hours at 28k. modems said they were 56k but it never happened. and videos never! way hell gay to big.. it took days to download a tiny video. then along came napster you could find and download almost anything that had been encoded into mp3 format. there were not many. but napster and mp3's grew fast. there was no streaming no flash format nothing like that.
midi songs were teeny little files and could be downloaded free all over the net. i collected thousands of them. then as time went on i tried my hand at making midis they were pretty crummy but i persisted. eventually i got me a copy of cool edit and got into mixing loops and samples into pseudo songs and just kept doing it to this day so what you hear is kind of the evolution of midis all the voices and all the music i make is all done using software and this black box sitting on the desk in my little room way out in the country near bella vista California. and so the music i make is an experiment in progress and still crummy like the midis i used to make but it's just what i do ..
posted by imlen2 on Sat Feb 10, 2018 @ 11:07 AM     post a comment
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