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imlen2's SoundClick blog - indentity theft?
indentity theft?
well they got my credit card number somebody tried to charge something in Arizona. my bet is it must have been funny the card is a atm card my credit just don't exist nobody in their right mind would give me a credit card again ever! i have a habit of just spending away on those cards until they stop working and waiting for the phone calls to start coming it don't bug me i never answer the phone anyway. i bet the store that they tried to use the fake card at tried to grab them and cut up the card most of the time my bank would cut it up if they got hold of it. . everybody knows nobody loans money to a man with a sense of humor!
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lumpy trumpy
there is something inheritantly wrong with a guy self proclaiming genius.
yet that is what our president said and he has diagnosed himself mentally stable the whole idea is a sure sign of dillusion what a big orange blowhard. self proclaiming dillusional individual with a i am better than you tweak built right in look at me i am smart look at me mommy look how smart i am what a maroon what a pinhead zippy the president yep he is just some rich bloatey imbecile with the i q of a monkey wrench and the people skills of an orangutan make America great again when the hell have we been anything but.
great again my buttocks. the guy is a raving three year old lunatic with a bad hair doo
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the cats in the morning
the cats on the porch stare out the screen windows licking their lips in anticipation of climbing up that tree and getting that squirrel that keeps barking his disgust at the cats locked inside below.
the wiser kitties that lived outside knew the guile and ability of the wise old squirrel .
he would just climb higher and jump over to the next tree and begin to taunt them again
all the while the red hawk hiding quietly in the branches was watching the squirrel aware his attention was focused on the kitties on the porch
and completely unaware of his possibly being breakfast for the hawk just waiting for him to leap from one tree to another so he could snatch him up mid jump and fly away to his nest
so my day begins.
these are the dramas carried outside my bedroom window while i sleep the morning away the sun rises and warms the grass and the dew disappears before i venture outside.
i like the sun and the warm the winter slows me down it's depressing being cold i never travel to the snow it has always proven to be a hassle.i went skiing once and managed to twist my leg real good and spent the day being cold and in pain while everybody kept going up and down the mountain bummed me out with skiing forever.
in the weeks past i have managed to lift the engine and replace the transmission it had inexplicably broken in half and fell out of the bottom of the car.
but its all better now. i think .
it's seems the days are passing by faster and faster as i grow older maybe it's me going slower and slower you think?
who knows i have always kinda of ignored the big questions in life because of my inability to solve them at all.
mental midget is what i am so better to leave those things to those who have bigger brains than i do.
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that stupid old car of mine
well i am 65 years old and i pulled the engine out of my old car put on a used two speed trans i found in grants pass and put the whole shebang back in the hole. i got it bolted back in place and am now hooking up all the hoses and wires i am almost done maybe soon i can start driving a car instead of trying to ride my electric tricycle in the cold and rain. it's been broke down for over a year it is hard to find a two speed auto trans for a 1962 ford futura. but i did and am almost finished hope it works o k. plus i did it all by myself every nut and bolt of it i hated doing it but i did it so even if you are a old goat you might still have a little gumption left in you if you hunt for it.
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big party this new years eve? not me
great just great the official people "you know mayors police governors guys like that" they tell us it's o.k. go ahead celebrate new years we got you covered we got thousands of armed police national guard plus this year we even got snipers on the roof tops through out the city. yeo boy howdy that sure sounds like just where i want to go to celebrate any damn thing.
myself i am just going to go out a couple days early and chum my favorite spot on Shasta lake by chum i mean poke a bunch of holes in a can of dog food and toss it off the dock then on new years i am going to grab me a couple big old spliffs and some dos equis and drop a line down off the dock and get me some big old cat fish
cats fish dig dog food and gather all around the poked can really they do the fish and game guys will blow a gasket if they catch you but i would never accidently drop anything off the dock in the night when nobody is there would i? my bet is neither terrorists nor snypers will be there good luck with that las vegas and times square thing.
posted by imlen2 on Thu Dec 28, 2017 @ 10:00 AM     post a comment
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top 20
wow i looked at my stats for the first time. and i got 19 songs in the top 20 of the sound click charts. each in its own category. that's kinda neat aint it. some of them been there for quite some time.
my bet is there just aint anybody else in those categories?
or maybe a lot of first time listeners suddenly found my page.
but more than likely they probably just bumped their heads and did not realize they what they were listening to.
maybe some sort of college class requirment in not what to listen to.....
yuh think!
posted by imlen2 on Wed Dec 27, 2017 @ 11:00 AM     post a comment
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let me get this straight
so a woman says a congressman grabbed her butt forty years ago he denies the charges but agrees to a settlement just to keep it out of court and then i pay the money to the accuser. that just can't be right can it?
but the way i been seeing the news that's just what is happening somehow the taxpayer is paying the money not the guilty or not guilty party which ever it is. why the heck am i paying anything at all i never grabbed any woman's butt "unless she asked me to first" if i had then i would be more than happy to do so. but as it is how can they possibly justify making us the taxpayers croak up the dough?
just some of the weird things that are coming to light with this me too thing. my bet is some of these women are telling the truth and some probably are just jumping on the bandwagon. but there just aint no way we should have to pay anybody anything unless we are the butt grabbers ourselves.
i mean the butt grabber is the guy they want. those tax dollars they take from me are dollars i could have used myself. i just do not like the idea that some of my money is going out to pay women who a million years ago had their butt's grabbed. if i do any butt grabbing it will be by popular demand and i will pay for my own butt grabs but i will not pay for other butt grabs that i never took part in.
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my old car
well i pulled my old car out of the tent where it has been sitting for about a year.
some how the driveline got out of balance and vibrated the transmission case in half yep the transmission broke in half right at the bell housing anyway it's been hard to find a two speed automatic transmission for a 1962 ford falcon but i found one in grants pass Oregon now i finally got the car out and raised up in the air on cinder blocks i was underneath it all day yesterday unhooking stuff getting it ready to put the trans in it i hope it works ok i won' know until i put it together and fire it up and see if it moves around and go's backwards and all that stuff the guy that sold it to me said it works but you know how those things go only way to tell is to just put the thing in the car and try it it's a lot of work i hope it works i hope it works i hope it works
when Dorothy said nowhere like home three times it worked so maybe it will work for me to wish me luck.....
posted by imlen2 on Tue Dec 12, 2017 @ 11:10 AM     1 comment    post a comment
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i got a cold
well i got sick my throat hurts pretty bad i am coughing and just feel lousy i almost never get sick so this is an unusual thing for me. i am a big baby and am lying on the bed and muttering about it. my wife left the room so she did not have to listen to me cry babying because i got a cold or what ever. sure bums me out i don't think it's a serious thing
i hate staying in the house all day and laying down only works for so long it gets to where my leg hurts or my back and i keep fidgeting around and cant get comfortable at all. being sick is a bummer i think i am getting over it but it aint gone yet
oh woe is me
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flying off again
well all i got to say about the new tax bill is
if my taxes go up even one cent i am going to grab my pitch fork hop on a bus and go to see the grandwazoo! seems to me big businesses do not need any kind of tax break how about only if they raise their workers wages with it?
how about that bezos guy he could blow a million a minute and still have a bunch left when he croaks of old age.
and as far as my taxes being any higher just aint going to happen if they try and get more money from me i will have to fight because there is not any money to give them. sometimes i aint even got enough dough to buy a cheese burger! oh yeah we got to stop them from changing the net neutrality law going to be a bummer for everybody who aint got a bag of cash. it will pick favorites for you and make going where you want a bit tougher ..
and i am pretty sure donald trump is a moron really he is! the only guy that thinks he is a genius is himself "wait maybe that was the lyrics from a poem or tune i heard in ago time". no i am sure he really is a mental midget. freaks me out the stuff he spews out all over the place and he is trying to not do that he is trying as hard as he can to look like a nice guy who gives a
"insert obscene word here"
and he is still the biggest moron to come down the pike in a hundred years...
"i am sorry every time i say anything that remotely refers to that guy causes my to fly off" .
anyway it's been real it's been nice but it aint been real nice.
posted by imlen2 on Fri Dec 1, 2017 @ 05:47 PM     1 comment    post a comment
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bee's wax
hi guess what i am here i am healthy and i am happy i am sharp as a tack maybe a dull one but still all i am saying is i have been smoking weed since i was a teen and now i smoke some of the best in the world.
i have smoked weed everyday for 45 years yep i did and do still.
i like weed can't really say it helped anything but likewise i can't say it screwed up anything either.
but i like it and a big boo hoo to those that do not approve.
i never wanted to smoke weed with you anyway. some people like being gay some like being real buttknobbers so what?
aint my business and me smoking weed should not be any concern of theirs
i am retired i ride a small electric tricycle. who in mayberry should give a poop about what i do? yet they do i just have a problem with people inserting their noses up my butt uninvited. and there is a ton of them out there.. from the dude who blew his cork about me the trash can and my soda cup or they guy who drove across the shopko parking lot and followed me into the woods to catch me trying to pee shoot man i walked way out in the bushes to where nobody could see i am sixty five years old so when i got to pee i got to pee. why would anybody go to such lengths to catch an old man trying to drain his dragon. wow but yep they are out there and watching every thing we do trying to find fault in somebody else and not even looking within ever. and me blowing a reefer all by myself away from anybody who might smell it is my problem if it is a problem at all i don't drink or use other drugs just weed so puff off and mind your own bees wax!
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wow what a bummer this stupid thing just blew a big old diatribe i wrote about my trike batteries i went to add picture and the one i chose turned out to be the wrong format and when i clicked ok it erased the whole darn thing poof all gone stupid soundclick thingy. great all that nonsense i typed gone in one split second arrgh i want to punch the screen slow burn creeping anger arrrrrghhhh. twisting the keyboard until creaking sounds fill the room.. carumbah
posted by imlen2 on Wed Nov 22, 2017 @ 11:09 AM     post a comment
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thin air?
whats up with the losing submarines and air planes vanishing seems to me some sort of beeper or whatever. it should be an easy deal to install tracking devices on these things is it the deep a sonic thingy would make a huge noise underwater maybe one that go's off when it gets wet? can't be there aint nothing that works can it? just nothing turned on or not installed got to be something like that just can't believe that there aint no device that would tell us where these things are getting off to.
posted by imlen2 on Tue Nov 21, 2017 @ 08:20 PM     post a comment
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cows with guns?
wow so some jerk went off his nut and shot up rancho Tehama i live in redding a short distance away. once again the elected officials start howling about changing laws blaming prison overcrowding well trouble with this dude he really had not been convicted yet. so prison over crowding did not apply neither did gun laws right the crazy dude stole them. and how about the guys calling to arm the teachers that's a good one teachers are an unstable bunch and completely untrained on how to blast somebody and who to blast small stuff like that man if the teachers had guns they would have blasted me a long time ago i was a total jerk in school. any way how about using common sense what about just hiring a trained armed security guy what you say lack of money hhmmm let me think how about just fire the principal and make the principal and vice principle the same job and give the principles salary to a well traind certified cop to watch over the kids how about that man teachers with guns that's just plain weird i hated them even having paddles hanging off their desks i got plenty of that yep MR. Zumwalt i remember the paddle you broke on my butt when i pissed you off so bad you had sweat beads all over your face and big red veins popping out all over. i am just saying it aint no thing just to hire a rent a cop to patrol the school just seems a better idea to me. unless you are one of those can't happen here kinda guy's teachers should just stick with teaching and let guards do the guarding and parents to do the parenting as for keeping weirdos
from going off their nut good luck with that the answer alludes me but come on man arming the teachers would tend to intimidate the students and they are just not qualified to make life and death decisions in a time of crisis are they
posted by imlen2 on Thu Nov 16, 2017 @ 10:24 AM     post a comment
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the nosy neighbors and the pain in my butt
ok so my neighbors do not like me all that much seems a lot of people are retiring and have a big bag of money so they move to the Country"
well it aint in the country anymore i can look out my window and see the new house next door to me. a three acre parcel is a postage stamp you can't raise livestock or do much of anything with it except pick on the hillbillies next door.they don't like the old cars they don't like us being up late at night they suspicion us over every bad thing that happens near here.one time they sent a deputy to ask us about a jewelery heist down the street. without a shred of evidence he had the gall to say one of the neighbors told him we were the ones who done it. but no we never have done anything at all. a neighbor called the pot police on me because i was growing stuff in a garden with a big fence around it with barbed wire on top. first off the fence was to keep out the deer you may have seen the video i made well the only way to see where the garden is by standing on my property means if he saw the garden he was trespassing second i was growing arugula and cantalopes tomatos and strawberries nothing else but the pot fuzz had to come and check it out bums me out nosy bunch of rich idiots they move here and buy guns and rifles for their teen age children and start blasting away like there was nobody around man you can't shoot in any direction without the bullets landing on somebody elses property. just bums me out i was here first way hell gay first i grew up right here i been here for sixty five years and they all came from who knows where to escape the city and have ruined the area they build mc mansions buy a herd of emu's or ostriches and
think they are ranchers. i hate to tell them that the ranching thing ended when we went out of business in the sixties.now they had an inspector come out and tell me i got to get rid of the unsightly old cars and generally clean up the place because one of the new neighbors don't like old cars i guess. they even put up a gate at the end of the paved road blocking any entrance to our family cemetery.
i used to go and talk to the spirits of my ancestors never got any answers from them but still i aught to be able to go there all my grand parents are buried there. but no it's private property and has no written right of way even though the road was there 150 years before they flapped up the gate..no respect at all for us long time residents my dad says never mind we will outlast them just like we always have. maybe so
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SUPER Delegate man
man how many people is there out there who just do not get it the news lady blabbing away the republican defending the democrat attacking our president phooey yep that notion is complete phooey two million eight hundred thousand more people voted for the closet lesbian theif democrat yep our president was to be Hillary that's a fact surely you heard about the electorial college how about super delegates? no not guy's in red underware and capes these dudes are the ones who elected Donald trump not us. bet you don't even know who they are or how it works at all do you. well nobody but rouge super delegates elected the Donald . so why the hell is the news lady asking that woman on the street if she would vote for the Donald again so what it don't matter what i want or what you want you get what you get and that's how it is that's what the republicans and the democrats agree on it bums me out that we get ignored it bugs me even more that we get stuck with the Donald wow just blows my mind listen people we got to fix this thing methinks what we want should be what decides who is our leader.
posted by imlen2 on Sun Nov 12, 2017 @ 12:07 PM     1 comment    post a comment
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NO Loitering!
you have to leave there is no loitering allowed here!
that's what the guy had the gall to say to me i was sitting on my electric tricycle under a tree in the shade in the middle of the mcdonalds parking lot.
i do this a lot "as you might know after you croak down a couple of mcdonalds burgers they tend to start fizzing and moving around in your tummy and sometime you just got to sit there and say why do i keep eating these things". anyway it's about the loitering and i told the guy to buzz off. he got all huffy puffy and threatened to call the fuzz.
so i told him i aint loitering i aint one of those homeless bums you push around every day i got a home and i got a lawyer and my bet is my lawyer can beat up your lawyer he kind of crinkled up his face and just walked off i guess he never called the cops because i continued to sit there for a while i did see him shooshing off some other people a little later i guess they just didn't know a good lawyer.
neither do i but i lie a lot and it made the dude go away.
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i need a good mouth piece/ shyster
so anybody out there a good shyster i need a mouthpiece i want to file suit against the doctors who when i went to them with my back injury put me through years of tests including an mri and concluded that i had a bad back and was really in quite a bit of pain the choices they gave me was surgery "my mother had just such a surgery and never walked again" nope to that one so they prescribed hydrocodone that was about five years ago. so now that they got me good and addicted they decide that i must be a blue meanie because i take them and so they cut the dose in half. mostly to show the federal government that they are indeed doing something about the opiate problem. now i go through the dt's every month because i have a hard time only existing on half the pills they used to give me.
it's like when i have the pills i can climb ladders do the work required from owning ten acres of land and feel generally pretty good.
i absolutely do not eat these thing because i like the high. but after ruining my body gobbling up tons of ibuprophen and all the other over the counter drugs they sell by the pound over the counter. then the give me this crap and voila i feel like i am 25 again and my liver gets better my general health is much better but i cannot hack this dt crap legs twitching around all night grumpy old man syndrome is me now. i got sent to three different drug tests and passed them all showing the doctor i was taking the pills as directed and was not smoking weed or taking other drugs. but just to cover his ass the doctor is cutting my pills in half. putting me in much discomfort
and making me into a bedridden old bi***y man. it aint my fault a bunch of druggies are using this stuff to get high on i use it so i can function and do things around the house. when i run out i tend to lay on the bed and say ow oooh e ah a lot and watch old episodes of gilligans island. i mean i am 65 years old and in pain what the hell humor me how stinking addicted can i get i mean after all i really aint got all that many years left. why cant i go out smiling.
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old folks
well i just had a thought.
take nursing homes.. you know old folks homes
what with modern society going the way it is you will be in one sooner or later a nurse changing your diaper. yep it's going to happen to you unless you are like keith moon and die before you get old..
and it's because of your kids. you had to work you had to make a living so both parents got jobs made money got a house a boat and a big winnabago to go on vacations once a year yes modern living well your children grow up and every thing works until you get old. now you become a liability what with your children being grown and wanting to buy themselves a big motor home and you as the parent become a liability a hassle that cannot be dealt with and so they take your retirement money and sell your house all the while convincing you that it is best you know for your own good and put you in a facility that they think you will like a place where trained people will tend to your needs. you know it's balderdash. but you get what you get or rather what you gave. families used to stay together and care for their own used to be families were more important than the state the government and yes your own prosperity the family took care of it's self always. not anymore if you become a liability the people who you thought loved you do but they just aint got the time to goof around with your needs they just send you off to a place to die.
away from your grandchildren and out of sight oh yes they come to visit once a month and ask are you alright are they treating you well?
truth is the home is only there to make money. ran as a business and not much else oh sure the staff is trained the place is usually kept pretty clean but the staff the nurses all are just working for a living and there aint no love no you just get adequate care. i don't know if i can draw any conclusions from this but that's how it is have fun mulling it around in your head maybe if you show your children as much love naw you aint going to give up that second job the kids are alright in daycare beside if you did that you could not pay the rent on that big old house on the cul de sac huh.....
posted by imlen2 on Sat Nov 4, 2017 @ 01:53 PM     1 comment    post a comment
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so many nanny nannies
a million nanny nannies. yep it's a whole bunch of nanny nannies to the girls who thought i was too geeky
to the probation officer who wanted me locked up
to the ex bosses that pushed me around. i turned out fine so how you like me now. the probation officer walks around town bent over muttering to himself. me i smile every day laughing as i go on my way. to the girls who thought i was a bum well i got me a ten acre ranch with a four bedroom house and a few classic cars and no mortgage i even got a ton of Verizon stock i am saving. so me and my wife can tour Europe in a few years. hope the rent there in that part of town where you live is low. do they give you enough food stamps? as always i defied authority i defied your orders and expectations and i made it my way. i got old i got a place to be i got a giant family and they all think i am the bees knees. so if you fall into any of the above mentioned catagories this nanny nanny is for you...
posted by imlen2 on Thu Nov 2, 2017 @ 03:59 PM     post a comment
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