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glen gold
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Glen Gold
name: Glen
age: 44 years old
hometown: [unknown], Australia
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Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist / Audio Programmer

I don't write and sing as often as I'd like to; the inspiration varies and has always been an all-encompassing experience that I respect immensely. As the years have passed by, I require long withdrawn delays enabling me to understand what the next passage of time offers me musically.

It remains a deeply spiritual, time and energy-consuming experience that I hope you enjoy.

cheating, stealing, thieving, love - demo: uploaded demo of cheating, stealing, thieving, love.
really like the feel; perhaps warmer with a piano and some strings.
am looking to sequence something soon. x
cheating, stealing, thieving, love: was working on this one a long time ago.
came out of an opportunity I heard one another song, just an idea to begin with.
worked on it for ages and left it for awhile as didn't write it itself until the lyrics started to form.

looking to upload a basic raw demo as would like to keep it as 'live' and simple as possible.
i like uploaded: decided to work on the final parts of this one and am extremely happy to upload it.
hope you enjoy it.
cheating, stealing, thieving love - demo. Upload x
:: posted by glen gold on Mon Mar 13, 2017 @ 07:12 PM     
[last edited on Mon Feb 13, 2017 @ 08:56 PM]
currently working on a new track. should be uploaded within the next few weeks.

its an old idea with new vocals / harmonies and a special message of love to a 2 year old that rocks my world x
:: posted by glen gold on Mon Feb 13, 2017 @ 06:46 PM     
Paul Castle
Paul Castle
Keep on putting it down.


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