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erika maximo
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erika maximo's SoundClick blog - Universal Language
Universal Language
I dedicate this blog today to my universal friends especially Martino (Italy)Matthias and Sascha Bretag, -GERMANY( and all my friends here at soundclick ( especially to Peter Hawkins )who inspired me to turn this poem into a song!It was written in Africa in 1997 where I met my dearest African brothers, Raj (from India) and Ms. Haines(Ireland)!And to all that believe in WORLD PEACE!
I can't comunicate in your language and you can't understand mine.But sometimes it is so hard to comunicate in our own language because we want to impose our ideas.In my opinion, there is a kind of language that everybody can understand.I'm talking about a language which is universal.Thanks to this language I've been trying to learn with you and I've been trying to know your culture,your people,your country.For me since I arrived here in Nigeria,I've found understanding,friendship,hospitality,patience and tenderness.Why,I ask why?Because of the universal language.The universal language doesn't need words,the universal language doesn't need long speeches,it doesn't need translation.Because the universal language is deep in our souls.The universal language has no color ,has no race, has no religion and no money can buy it!But the truth is that here you made this real and strong.Here I could find the very reason for the universal language.Here it isn't blind, here it isn't crazy.Here, it is not just a dream!What I am trying to say to you is about something you, Nigerian people, know better than anyone else.Because what you've given us since we arrived in Nigeria,there is only one name for it.And I'm sure that it is the real proof of the existence of the universal language.And I'm talking about something that has no more than four letters and you know that I'm talking about L O V E.Because love is the only language we can call UNIVERSAL.
posted by erika maximo on Fri Feb 13, 2009 @ 06:55 AM     1 comment    post a comment
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Love for one another and our children. and memories, passion, truth, honesty, kindness........Right On.......wink ;)......Don't forget Enjoyment.......7 SourMash
:: posted by 7SourMash on Fri Feb 13, 2009 @ 11:25 AM   
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