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eric lambert
  :: eric lambert is a member since 12/05/2007 --- this profile has been viewed 2,256 times
eric lambert's SoundClick station - eric lambert's station
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artist:    Eric Lambert play hi-fi buy this mp3 for 0.99 USD Acoustic
title:    Won't Fight Alone Again Acoustic Guitar
  user rating: not yet rated      
artist:    Chairs play hi-fi download mp3  Acoustic
title:    Grey Eagle - Instrumental Acoustic Folk
  user rating: not yet rated      
artist:    Monroe Crossing play hi-fi buy this mp3 for 0.99 USD Country
title:    Into the Fire Christian Country
  The story of Shadrack Meshack and Abendigo and the title track to our most recent disc.
  user rating:4.75      
artist:    River Bottom Bluegrass Band play hi-fi Country
title:    Halleluyah, I'm Ready Bluegrass
  user rating: not yet rated      
artist:    The Rosinators play hi-fi buy this mp3 for 0.99 USD Country
title:    Old Joe Clark Bluegrass
  Get a **free download** Traditional East Kentucky mountain ballad. Born in 1839, Joe Clark was a rough and shiftless mountain man see Old Joe Clark lyrics & song history @
  user rating:4.5      
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