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emaych's SoundClick station - SCS Radio July 2010: Hot, hot, hot!
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artist:    FendrGuitPlayr play hi-fi World
title:    Founding Fathers - July 4th (w/Michael Duran) New Age
  This started as a subtle classical keyboard piece, then I decided to go with synth lines and added the faux fireworks and Michael added the percussion and then layered his guitars with some very apt effects and a great mix to finish it off in style.
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artist:    J C Carroll play hi-fi download mp3  Acoustic
title:    English Girls Rock mix Acoustic Rock
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artist:    333maxwell play hi-fi download mp3  Rock
title:    Dooby Doo (when you walk into the room) Rock General
  Vocals, electric guitar, bass guitar, alto sax, VST piano, rearranged 2 track jazz trap kit (chopped and mangled) . More of a 'session' than a presentaion.
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artist:    333maxwell play hi-fi download mp3  World
title:    That's Why the Band Keeps Playing Traditional Hawaiian
  An era styled piece that was running through my mind and I had to get rid of it. The entire bit consists of a few ounces of Soprano ukulele and a few ounces of vocals too.
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artist:    THE MEMBERS (UK) play hi-fi buy this mp3 for 0.99 USD Rock
title:    New English Blues Part II Punk
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artist:    Frankfurt Dialog Company play hi-fi buy this mp3 for 0.99 USD Pop
title:    Der vierte Stern Pop General
  Song about Team Germany in the South African soccer world championship
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artist:    FendrGuitPlayr play hi-fi Urban
title:    Keep The Meter Runnin' Funky R&B
  Just some funky nawlins gruves...
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