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eerovond's SoundClick blog - Fear
Our Fifth Album, Fear is now available from iTunes and Spotify. A few copies of the cd, including rare cover versions, unavailable elsewhere, are available directly from us. Please contact EERO if you would like a copy.

1) Glittering Haze
2) An Angel's Tears
3) Everything Burns So Bright
4) Falling Star
5) Whether I Like It Or Not
6) Beautiful Ruin
7) Dark Matter
8) Savage Soul
9) Murder of Crows
10) We Hope You Enjoyed the Show

11) 1:33 (Variations on a Theme by Cage) *
12) Homicide*
13) Land of Fear*

* Available on CD only
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Strange Times
Available from iTunes and cdBaby,

1. Northern Lights
2. Strange Times
3. Come With Me
4. Stay Outta My Life
5. Thoughts from Magritte
6. As Long as We Believe
7. I've Been There
8. Time Waits for No One
9. You Never Went to Girlschool
10. I Want a Girl Like Brigitte Bardot
11. Lamb to the Slaughter
12. An Alien Concept
13. Shadow Days (Rise Above)
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Dark City, The Third Electric Angels Album

1) Dark City Overture
2) The Cult of Nothing
3) Winter of Our Discontent
4) Dreamworld
5) Shades Of Grey
6) Dark City
7) Red and Grey
8) Katarina
9) Are "Friends" Electric
10) All The Dreams I Had
11) Dark City Calling
12) Holy War
13) New Hope
14) Remember Me
15) A Mermaid's Tears
16) When We Were Young
17) Dark City Postlude
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The Symbolists
The Symbolists: The First Album of my collaboration with Carole Young:

1) Alchemy
2) Lover Like You (The Modern Dilemma)
3) Oliver In His Jesus Sandals
4) Paragon Of Virtue
5) Remember Me
6) Devil On My Shoulder
7) Symbol of Hope (The Reckoning)
8) Myriad
9) THe Walls Are Closing In
10) The Juggler
11) Dix-Sept
12) Shadow Days
13) Like in a Dickens Novel

Cover art available at
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God Save The Electric Angels
The second Electric Angels album:

1) Dear Miss Miller
2) The Gilded Age
3) Fountain of Heaven
4) Metal Beams of Light
5) The Happy Song
6) We Are Made of Stars (Moby)
7) Splendid Little War
8) The Walls Are Closing In
9) Burning
10) Beams of Light
11) Little Monster
12) Pray for Me
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Dreams of Electric Angels
The first album of our collaboration:

1) This Electric Feeling
2) Having a Wonderful Time
3) I Am Ecstasy
4) Goodybye To All That
5) Astroboy On The Planet Of The Amazon Women
6) Beautiful Things
7) Dreams Of Electric Angels
8) Mother Of Pearl (Ferry)
9) One Day
10) Without Your Love (Wrong Side of Dawn Version)
11) Hiroshima Mon Amour (Foxx)
12) Stacy London
13) Waking Hours
BONUS TRACK One Day (Wall Of Sound Version)

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