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uploaded on 02/20/08
viewed 565 times
duration: 03:04
category: Music
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My music video composition,   Fender Strat, Roland GR33 guitar synth. Recorded on Yamaha AW4416 16 track recorder
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'The Foreboding'    play the video   
uploaded on 03/26/10 @ 11:11 PM     [post a comment]
viewed 2586 times   |    duration: 07:24   |    category: Music
description: 3 part music video. 'Dawn storm brewing' 'Midday storm' 'Peaceful evening calm'. My Music & Video Creation using Fender Strat', Takamine acoustic & Roland GR 33 Guitar Synth' Weather effects by God!
The Third Eye.    play the video   
uploaded on 03/26/10 @ 11:17 PM     [post a comment]
viewed 742 times   |    duration: 03:59   |    category: Music
description: Psychedelic Video. My Music & Video Creation using Strat' Roland GR 33 Guitar Synth.
uploaded on 03/26/10 @ 05:39 PM     [post a comment]
viewed 635 times   |    duration: 03:05   |    category: Music
description: My Guitar Synth music video Composition. Fender Strat' Roland GR33 Guitar Synth. Alternative version. Surreal visuals that have meaning to me & maybe whatever you may see in it.
Angry Guitars    play the video   
uploaded on 03/26/10 @ 05:09 PM     [post a comment]
viewed 629 times   |    duration: 05:31   |    category: Music
description: My Composition. General freakout tension relieving jam rock with my own backing,using Strat',Roland Groovebox MC505 for bass and synth sounds. ( My Roland GR33 was in for repair, so had to get by without it!)
Contemplation.    play the video   
uploaded on 03/26/10 @ 05:05 PM     [post a comment]
viewed 542 times   |    duration: 02:37   |    category: Music
description: My synth music video composition.


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