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Rest in peace
As a musician I have never struck it rich in anyway that I could safely live comfortably for the rest of my life like Michael Jackson, so I will continue playing music without stress or bother, because that’s what I love doing best. I’ve never met this superstar before, but one night I had a dream that myself and Michael Jackson were sitting on top of a great big high industrial chimney over a city, chatting together as we both looked far out into the distance.
As a musician How much fame? How much fortune? How much ego? How many times do you want the human race to tell you that they love you? We can’t heal the world; only the creator of this universe can do that, because he alone knows all the inward parts how they work. If you built a robot and something went wrong with it, you built it, so you would know how to fix it, so don’t stress out yourself trying to analyse and killing yourself in the process of trying to find the solutions to mankind’s life-enduring problems, because you won’t, even Jesus was crucified, when all he was doing was good. Life is just for living, and letting your natural light shine. Countless boy bands and former pop groups are making their comebacks, I mean, didn’t they make enough money? Is it because they miss the glamour? Did they squander all the money they made? Or maybe they were too generous and gave it all away, leaving nothing aside for a rainy day. Ok! Maybe they just can’t live outside of the limelight, always in need of a daily pat on the back. What is it they want to prove? Oh! I forgot, maybe they think that all the new bands these days aren’t really saying anything. I think they just don’t know when to stop; hence we have a modern day music industry full of ageing musicians and balding rockers who can’t even remember how to sing their own songs, and can’t hear themselves sing out of tune. You’ve already had your fair share from the spoils of music, stand aside and let young Elisha take up the mantle which is rightly his, because he too has a family to feed and a message to be said, because the spirit is subject to the prophet, so good and worthy musicians should also have discipline, and know when to stop. Michael, we saw you grow, we embraced you, and we were there when you reached the highest pinnacle called the truest definition of fame. We saw you living in luxury, we never saw your money, but we knew you were comfortable. Why didn’t you grow old gracefully and surrender out of the limelight? Why did you have to make it so long and drawn out, until they had to take you without dignity, out of your sick bed in your pyjamas, and marched you in front of a judge in a courthouse? Why didn’t you listen to wiser counsels from the righteous, than from those who just wanted to drag you down? Michael knew at 50 that he couldn’t do certain things with ease like he did when he was in his prime, frail and his body riddled with pain, he relied upon strong and volatile pain killers for relief, and worried anxiously about up coming shows which had to be done if debts had to be paid, plus the worry of pulling it off perfectly for his worldwide adoring media and fans. Michael killed himself from the use of pills and stressing over mountains that he knew he couldn’t climb. When the body is no more able to contain the spirit, it has to give up the ghost and break loose into eternity from whence it came. Michael Jackson lived the life of a very highly innovative artist and showman who paved the way for many musicians, and his legacy will stand tall alongside the past great men and women of our human race. We only wished that he spent more time here, then maybe he could’ve had a chance to say a proper goodbye to us, a shriek, a couple of twirls, a moon-walk or two, well at least we sat together in dreams looking out, even if it was on top of a dirty sooty chimney pot, but I guess that we never kn
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