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ddynam's SoundClick blog - Latest songs

Thats where you can find my latest uploads
Since i update youtube most last years

More than 100 songs uploaded there atm , EnJoY
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For the dutch mates go here for much more info

Checklist For Download Contracts

This is an example for independent lables or bands
The site that exploids your music is your licencetaker and distributor
Also called Retailer or Shopsystem
The Band-Lable is the masterowner and is called the Licenor of lable

So this checklist is NOT for contracts between master owner-lable and an Aggregator
Or a sales person who makes deals with other download supliers
An Aggregator is a big distributor

These are the 2 points that are most important to consider
1] NEVER sign a contract that is EXCLUSIVE
2] And it has to be easy to end the contract

[u] 1. Always get a Non-Exclusive contract [/u]

You do this to stay able to host your songs at various download sites
To reach more potential customers which is your motivation to put it online
The ONLY reason to sign an Exclusive contract is
If they offer you a supstansual advance payment
So if the lable is willing to give you 100.000 euros to buy musical tools
Then they spend money on you thus they got a right to bind you to them
At net-download sites they hardly do anything for you
So thats just a distributional task for them without investing any money in you
They earn their money because you give them the chance to sell YOUR product
So you are the one who offers them a way to earn money not the other way around

Another exception could be if you can get to customers that you normaly cant reach

In some contracts the distributor expects that the licencegiver
Is not only the owner of the recording but also the owner of the Author-rights
This means that if you didnt write the music and-or the texts you CAN'T sign the contract

Some contracts mention that you have to put your digital version at their site for future productions
So then you HAVE TO host your future music at their site once you get it on vinyl

[u] 2. Parties have to be able to unbind the contract in an easy and fast way [/u]

Make shure that the contract is only for a short time [ 1 year ] which will automaticly flow into a next year
That can be ended by one of the both parties looking at a waiting time of 1 or several months
Before the current year ends

A timesless contract with a short get away time is good aswell

You also got to make clear what the status of your songs will be after finishing the contract
For what time period will your songs stay available on the site and when will the final payment come
Some sites state that once you uploaded your music it has to stay on the site for 3 years
SellABand has 1 year if i recall right this for the so called investers on that site
So be clear about this since it limits your freedom of doing a new deal a lot

In almost every contract you'll see that the licencetaker expects that he can make Sub-Licences aswell
Thats not a problem but make shure that the same contract terms count on the sub-licence
And that the licencetaker stays responsable to do the payments
Make shure that the contract ending time, that counts for the licencetaker, counts for
the sub-licencetaker aswell

[u] 3. The payment and way of paying [/u]

The payments mentioned are mostly based on a procentage of netto income
Be shure that the definition of neto income gets stated clearly
And that its not based on an endless spending opertunity with an open end
Your procentage should be 50-60% of the netto price
But its important on what part the procentage counts off course
Sometimes you see clear cost payments for every download to make it clear

Get an on the side statement that clearly states what costs the downloadgiver can make
while spreading 1 download
What are the bandwidh costs, payment system costs, payments to rights organisations and
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Evolutionairy EP
Passie & Friends
Full Versions Available Now

Passie - "Evolutionary" 07:35
Passie - "Paradize Planet" 08:41
Passie & Meesterwerk - "Revoluzion" 07:20
Passie & Vinnie - "Solunar" 07:15
Passie - "Trance Drafter" 05:46

Go here to get it:
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