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play band radio hi-fi   The Black Lotus Society  (HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop)    add to fav band
 Hip-Hop Group based out of Greensboro NC. Members include * Paradigm * Time * N/A * HustleDaGod * Mfini * Hoss Talonz * SageTheBlack * Kalo * DJ Mr. Carolina*
play band radio hi-fi   Heather Mere  (Metal - Alternative Metal)    add to fav band
 Genre Spaning Female Solo Artist with a backing band from Niagara Falls NY. Alternative/Hard Rock/Goth/Metal
play band radio hi-fi   Joe Gande  (Awesome Compositions )    add to fav band
 Joe Gande is a NYC singer/songwriter/guitarist/pianist/producer/arranger. A pure blend of 70s vibe...Hard Rock, Blues, Funk and Soul. Joe Gande makes any Joe Gande and The Godsend Sessions show an exciting no holds barred site to see.....
play band radio hi-fi   Alan Dover  (Metal Vocal )    add to fav band
play band radio hi-fi   Distilled Spirits  (Metal - Heavy Metal)    add to fav band
 Distilled Spirits. When it came to rehearsal, fans and friends weren't allowed in without beer for the band. Every person who came to the studio and wanted to watch rehearsal always saw the sign on the door. Alcohol or no entry and the rest is history.
play band radio hi-fi   rayzing sons  (Metal - Alternative Metal)    add to fav band
 RAYZING SONS, fuses metal and melody for a combo that leaves your kneck in agony!
play band radio hi-fi   Give Impulse  (Metal - Alternative Metal)    add to fav band
 Modern Alternative Metal band out of Bakersfield, CA.
play band radio hi-fi   Toxic Grind Machine  (Metal - Death/Black Metal)    add to fav band
 No boundaries really, just music as we like it.. electro, industrial, synths, atmosphere, orchestral (death) metal.
play band radio hi-fi   Slapshock  (Metal - Rap-Metal)    add to fav band
 “We have traded our screams to melodies” -Jamir Garcia-
play band radio hi-fi   Dichotima  (Metal - Heavy Metal)    add to fav band
 Professional Sound tracking, Recording, and mastering.
play band radio hi-fi   Evan Paul  (Awesome Musicianship)    add to fav band
 Evan Paul is a very unique artist. His music is totally original, multi-genre, mostly acoustic, new age, easy listening, uplifting and spiritual.. It spans over all genres, he combines many styles to create his own, the Evan Paul experience.
play band radio hi-fi   Gretchen  (Alternative - Alternative General)    add to fav band
 Gretchen is a female fronted rock band whose trademark sound mixes elements of rock & goth with strong vocal hooks.
play band radio hi-fi   TMN - Too Many Notes  (Awesome Compositions )    add to fav band
 Tune in to an instrumental journey with TMN's music, from progressive metal to orchestral ballads and everything in between!
play band radio hi-fi   destroyermusic  (Awesome Heavy Composer)    add to fav band
 This is a deeper exploration of various different aspects of music that I am drawn toward. Blending many different musical textures to produce a sound that is light, heavy, melodic, dissonant and ever changing.
play band radio hi-fi   Sacred Will  (Metal - Power Metal)    add to fav band
 A high energy Heavy Metal project with Neoclassical and Power Metal elements.
play band radio hi-fi   Allegro Furioso  (Metal - Power Metal)    add to fav band
 Formed in fall of 2010, by guitarists Troy Brown and Tony Riley. Allegro Furioso stands for Fast, over the top, melodic/symphonic power metal. Memorable choruses, heavy riffs, melodic/ neo-classical guitar leads and soaring vocals.
play band radio hi-fi   Every You  (Good Rock)    add to fav band
 Starting over fresh. Giving everything you've got. Not letting a few bumps in the road ruin your journey. Thats what South Floridas Every You is all about. After the fall of previous bands, we finally figured out how to make a band work. This is that ban
play band radio hi-fi   syqem  (Metal - Alternative Metal)    add to fav band
 syqem, progressive rock, polyrhthmic, polyrhythm
play band radio hi-fi   Allen Cox Music Productions  (It's me....LOL )    add to fav band
 Allen Cox Is A Composer/Producer/Musician and founder of Cox Music Productions in 1987. Cox Music is based in High Point, North Carolina, USA.
play band radio hi-fi   The JMACS  (Cool Brothers)    add to fav band
 we are a new sound ,doesnt really fit a particular type of music.its just offbeat and differnt.
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