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The Ovarian Systers
name: Röph
age: 46 years old
hometown: Atlanta, GA, USA
Regular License $50 | Premium License $70 | Professional License $100. beatscraze.co
hobbies:the plight of humanity, blowin hippies' minds
favorite bands:jay macshann orchestra, oscar aleman
favorite movies:drakklr, the car
favorite TV shows:dont like tv, tv dont like me
favorite books:free and/or ancient
favorite magazines:nekkd
self-rated hotness: 1 - Hey, at least I'm honest!
religion: Buddhist
education: Post Grad
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I am a simple internet entity whose name serves to refer to a particular "family" of Fender tube amplifiers. In 1960, Fender Electric Instrument Corporation updated the look of their tube amplifiers from tweed covering to a fabric-backed vinyl called tolex. While many of the smaller amplifier models remained in the tweed covering of the 1950's, six of the larger, more powerful amplifiers debuted the new look. These amplifiers were marketed as "The Professional Series."

The look of these new amplifiers was rather neutral in tone. The tan (a.k.a. "pinkish-brown") tolex was matched with the tweed era grill cloth which was maroon with a gold stripe. The 1960 professional series amps also had new, colored faceplates - unlike the chrome look of their predecessors. The first brown faceplate (hence the name "brownface fenders") had a few remarkable features. One is the copper tint to the faceplate paint. The more common look (1961-1963) is a darker, chocolate brown paint. Another feature is the "raised" lettering on the faceplate. This was accomplished by an acid etching process whereby the lettering was protected and the aluminum dipped in an acid bath. A third feature is that, on early 1960 amps, the order of the controls when read left to right is "backwards" compared to the more common order of "VOLUME-TREBLE-BASS" used by fender. The unusual order (BASS-TREBLE-VOLUME) gave rise to the name "center-volume" fenders.
EH 185 e
EH 185 d
EH 185 c
EH 185 b
EH 185 a
Loved the Wall of AMPS picture
:: posted by Tweakdaddy on Sun Oct 5, 2008 @ 01:44 PM     
hey paul
Powder Springs Ga here !!
love the wall of amps !!
thanks for the add
:: posted by LeRhay on Wed Apr 9, 2008 @ 06:03 PM     


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