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campadrenalin's SoundClick blog - Eco-ignorance continues.
So anyways, if your car was made in the last twenty years or so, you're pretty much off the hook as far as polluting. You may not get the greatest gas mileage, but even the dreaded Hummer doesn't make that big a difference to the local flora and fauna. So even in their most uselessly pollutive state - a rush-hour dead-stop parking lot traffic jam at least a hundred cars long - you're still not toxifying the atmosphere by a significant margin. You may as well tax people for breathing - oh, nevermind. They're ACTUALLY PLANNING ON DOING THAT. Whenever it sounds like I'm ticked off at environmentalism, these are the people I'm really mad at. I will gladly cut down on my water use, within reason. Same for electricity. I'll definitely put in the efficient CFL bulbs. I have a problem with the people who don't tack a "within reason" onto their conservational goals, and give hell to the people who do.

It's vegetarianism all over again. I'm a vegetarian, but that's personal choice. I'm not gonna force anyone not to eat meat, or act all condescending 'cause they do. I don't shove my beliefs down people's throats (heh he I made a funny). But some people do, which is why I used to get a lot of recoil from it. "Oh, you're a vegetarian? Whatcha gonna do, make me eat beans the rest of my life?" "What? No! I never said..." Not only that, but the vegans often do the same thing to vegetarians for not going all the way. So all in all, a better analogy than I expected.

I am now on the Earthshare website, trying to track down the commercial so I can get some freeze-frames.Good gosh, it's so generic that it might as well be a major corporation. Except it takes donations. Oh wait, major corporations do that too! Blah blah bailout blah. After searching around I've found their PSA stash, and the more I research, the shadier this company seems. Supposedly it's a whole bunch of eco-corporations operating under one roof, but you can't have that without in-office politics that will eventually root out all the member with integrity so they can be dealt with. Not only that, but every one of these commercials is just as stupid, from what I'm seeing so far. I'm only recapping the one, but I could make a business out of this, is all I'm sayin'. Watch them yourself (, they're at the bottom of the page and they are hilarious. Except "This is," which actually manages to break the trend to a degree, despite the horrifying transitions between animals. Ooh, goody, I found mine! It is called "Promises."

Maybe it's the quality of this video, but I'm having a horrible time making out these "scary" images. I now notice the ridiculous, overblown dramatic music. They might as well have an orchestral score pieced together from foreboding classical music, it would be just as pretentious and out-of-context but about 3 times as good.

Let's see, what do we have that's onscreen long enough to identify (youtube, your quality auto-reduction is a blessing and a curse)... A sign that says, "DANGER! UNSAFE WATER!" I wouldn't be surprised if this was posted near an outhouse, especially since we apparently aren't allowed to see it in context (an unconscious decision, perhaps, but to me it still reeks of Stalinism). Now we have... WTF? A country road? What is so horrifying and galvanizing about a road leading into a small town? I understand the advertising agency they use is pro bono, and likely made up mostly of well-meaning college students, but COME ON. I have not yet graduated high school and I could edit something together better than this. While half asleep, or in the process of being beaten to death by three monkeys.

Ooh, apparently they are associating the smokestack with the ceiling fan! How "artistic!" And the editing is so frenetic, I only noticed this because I'm freeze-framing. Even then, though, it's like watchin
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