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boray's SoundClick blog - Commodore 64 and Vic-20 programming challenge: 358 bytes of Basic V2!
Write something (anything really) in just 358 bytes of basic code. (The .prg file can be at most 360 bytes). Why 358 bytes? Well, that's 1/10 of the memory of an unexpanded vic-20. wink ;)

Read more on the Denial and Folkvagn forums.

By Anders Persson


Programmed on a real PAL vic-20. Runs in both unexpanded and expanded mode.

The NTSC version is tested in VICE only.

By Anders Persson


That's right, it's a 358 byte version of this program:

Should run on any Commodore 8-bit computer.

A program by Mike:

My entry. Around 150-160 bytes (depending on the filename used):
63996 POKE812,238:OPEN2,8,2,"FILE,S,R"
63998 GET#2,A$:PRINTA$;:IFA$<>CHR$(13)THEN63998
63999 PRINT"GOTO63997":POKE631,19:POKE632,13:POKE633,13:POKE198,3

this is (more or less) the inverse to:

only that the appended 'READY.' will disturb the program a little bit. Just type in a final 'GOTO63997' to cleanly end to process.

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