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Sound the alarm and scream, "Lunch!" How y'all been since the last blog. Hope y'all had a good Labor Day. I myself had ribs, baked macoroni-n-cheese, green beans, and bratwurst. Jealousy is an ugly face, let's get this moving...

I'm currently listening to the Akitunde radio show. Well it really hasn't started yet, all I'm hearing is commercials, but either way. Ok, now the intro music is playing. Either way, last night we had a great time at choir rehearsal at the church. It was one of the better rehearsals I've been too in a while, no lie. Being at rehearsal however, I missed the start of the NFL season. The Giants played the Redskins, so I guess I really didn't miss much.

So the presidential stuff is going crazy, right? Now, I'm not saying vote for McCain or Obama because that's your call. But what's up with the hyprocritical stuff going on, you know? It's like the elections have turned into World Wrestling Entertainment. Much respect to the Daily Show and Colbert Report for pointing out some of the hypocracy. I'm sure there's some going on in Obama's campaign, not entirely sure about that, but with the McCain side....my God! Ever since McCain chose Palin as a VP, hell broke lose. Speaking of that, what's the deal with that? Palin? Governor of Alaska for what, two years, I believe. Hardly any experience, except "Executive." Foreign experience claims, because Alaska is close to Russia? Give me a break. I've been to Florida, so does that mean I got foreign experience because Florida is close to Cuba? Shut up! Anyway, all the news network need to watch for what they say because news flash reporters, the camera is on and recording. So when you say something then say the complete opposite, we're going to catch it. And another thing, what's up with the Republicans talking down on Obama for the stuff he's done for the community. Since when helping people get jobs and off the streets a bad thing? Think, people, think. Now I know politicans, thinking is not a skill you have, but try it, and see how it works.

Enough about politics, let's move on. Regular bloggers need love too, y'all. Now I love reading WWE's Matt Hardy's blog, and other celeberity blogs I can get too. It's cool to see what they're really thinking on certain topics. But what about us regular bloggers? Can't we get some views and comments too? You'd probably be surprise at the intellengence found in some of the blogs from us non famous people. I'm not condemning famous people's blogs, but don't forget about us.

Akintunde asked a question, do you feel ok about your kids, or kids in general, getting taught by homosexual teachers? Lord, this section is going to cause arguments, but ok. As most of you know, I believe homosexuality is a sin. Homosexuals, I have no problem with. People I have no problem with. I do have a problem with homosexuality itself. So with that being said...this is a hard question, because part of me is saying that if they have the education and have the knowledge of the particular subject then no I don't have a problem with homosexuals teaching kids, but on the other hand, if a kid goes home and talks about how womenly their male teacher is acting, and you're teaching the kid how to act masculine...then there's a contradiction there. What y'all think? Y'all opinion's might help me out a little bit of what I'm trying to say.

Thanks for reading y'all. Have a good week. Be on a look out for a new podcast. Always remember, being a Bible Scholar won't necessarily get you in to heaven. You have to be a Bible follower. Be blessed.

~Daniel aka Big d
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