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bard of ely
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bard of ely's SoundClick page - favorite bands
play band radio hi-fi   Sylvana White  (Alternative - Alt Power Pop)    add to fav band
 Sylvana White - Canadian singer/songwriter. Sylvana White is the new/next generation of poweful soulful female Pop-Rock artist.
play band radio hi-fi   Adamsdown Sings  (Pop - Pop General)    add to fav band
play band radio hi-fi   Gwendella  (Country - Traditional Country)    add to fav band
play band radio hi-fi   Anna Rodriguez  (Jazz - Jazz Vocals)    add to fav band
 A voice. A guitar. Absolute harmony between two musicians who understand each other perfectly. Anna and Eliseo make continuous changes in the rhythms and Jazz melodies, so that the songs they interpret never sound alike; they allow themselves to let t
play band radio hi-fi   pixi  (Acoustic - Folk)    add to fav band
play band radio hi-fi   WATSON T BROWNE  (Urban - Soul)    add to fav band
play band radio hi-fi   modern relics  (Country - Rockabilly)    add to fav band
 the classics all melded into the sound of modern relics
play band radio hi-fi   Totem3  (Urban - Funky R&B)    add to fav band
 alternative,rhythm and blues,brit pop
play band radio hi-fi   SatllaBall  (Rock - Progressive Rock)    add to fav band
  art psychedelic mystical prog rock
play band radio hi-fi   Bridget St John  (One of my favorite singers)    add to fav band
play band radio hi-fi   DAVE BLISS  (Rock - Rock General)    add to fav band
 The Celtic Tigers are a duo featuring Dave Bliss and Terry Bury. Irish Music, C&W, Eagles, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, U2, Travis, 60;s pop, 50's Rock n Roll, Ballads, Neil Diamond, Garth Brooks, Robbie Williams, Oasis and much more.
play band radio hi-fi   Craig Gregory  (Alternative - Avant Rock)    add to fav band
 Craig Gregory of Chester, UK. Guitar player, producer. Currently playing bass for Go Kart Commandos.
play band radio hi-fi   The Band Dead Dolls  (Electronica - Industrial)    add to fav band
 The project of gothic chaos witch Dementia Armand, Dead Dolls combines some of the best aspects of electronica and traditional rock influences. Raven-haired bombshell Dementia's vocals are unlike anything you've ever heard before.
play band radio hi-fi   Bard of Ely and TUOB  (Alternative - Experimental)    add to fav band
 Bard of Ely, TUOB, experimental, electric, lo-fi, bedroom music, poetry, noises, feedback, loops, weirdness and underground cassette culture.
play band radio hi-fi   Madi  (Brilliant singer-songwriter and musician)    add to fav band
 Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and keys.
play band radio hi-fi   Priscilla Hernandez (Yidneth)  (Brilliant singer-songwriter and musician)    add to fav band
 Priscilla Hernandez,ethereal gothic singer-songwriter and fantasy illustrator from Spain.
play band radio hi-fi   Lynn Carey Saylor  (Pop)    add to fav band
 Lynn is a self-contained singer/songwriter/guitarist who writes all of her own music & lyrics. Intelligent and lyrically based songs, strong melodies and stand-out chorus hooks are her trademarks. She writes most..
play band radio hi-fi   Ed Drury  (Multi-instrumental brilliance)    add to fav band
 Trance, Ambient, World Beat and New Age.
play band radio hi-fi   Bard of Ely  (Acoustic)    add to fav band
 Eclectic singer/songwriter and a great acoustic live performer. A compere, poet and author too!
play band radio hi-fi   Serena Matthews  (Acoustic - Acoustic Folk)    add to fav band
 Acoustic guitar & vocals.
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